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Sound of 2009: Best of the rest

By Ian Youngs
Music reporter and Sound of 2009 compiler, BBC News

Some of the UK's leading music writers and broadcasters have picked their favourite new acts for the BBC Sound of 2009 list.

The Sound of... series began in 2002 after I got my own predictions hopelessly wrong that year. So I decided to ask people who actually know what they're talking about.

Number one on my list of tips for 2002 was a Canadian guy called Custom. Remember him? (For a laugh you can look at my full list).

But this year, there are some outstanding new acts that did not feature on the Sound of 2009 list, so I am going to try my own predictions again.

Hockey (left) and Bruce Peninsula

Like a quirky Kings of Leon or a dirty Dandy Warhols, this four-piece from Portland, Oregon, self-released a debut album last year, featuring a trio of infectious indie smashes, which is three more than most bands have these days. Good live, and certain to be a festival hit, their album will be re-released by a major label this year.
Bruce Peninsula
At first I wasn't sure if this was a band, a person or a place. But they seem to be a multi-layered Canadian collective - the layers being gravelly singer-songwriter, soaring choir and funky art-rock band. The layers enhance and elevate each other to create a quite stunning sound. They could get this year's Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver vote.
The Airborne Toxic Event (left) and Thecocknbullkid

The Airborne Toxic Event
With possibly more fully-formed anthems than any other new rock band, these five Californians mix the brooding grandeur of The Killers with the sprightly intensity of Springsteen. Frontman Mikel Jollett is also an author. Their debut album came out in the US last year, and is due in the UK in February.
Londoner Anita Blay is a modern, witty, storytelling singer-songwriter in the style of Lily Allen and Kate Nash. In a good way. Her sound has a funky electronic foundation, with rock and hip-hop influences, but the bottom line for Anita is great pop songs that sound as good in a club as in the kitchen.

Other interesting names to follow: The Happy Hollows, Skint & Demoralised, Magistrates, Polly Scattergood.

There are some more that did not make it onto the Sound of 2009 list, but which got support from some pundits and are likely to make waves in the next 12 months.

In the singer-songwriter category, there are high hopes for Sting's daughter Coco Sumner (who goes by the name I Blame Coco), while Clare Maguire, who recently signed a huge record deal, could get the "next Amy Winehouse" tag.

Among the boys, Jersey Budd, Julian Perretta and Jon Allen are the leading acoustic contenders. Gary Go, meanwhile, has been getting a big push for his piano pop that drives straight down the central reservation.

There will be new US R&B starlets in the shape of Jazmine Sullivan, the well-connected Keri Hilson and Janelle Monae, who is the "sci-fi Beyonce", according to Rolling Stone.

Rock contenders range from New Jersey spit 'n' sawdust rockers The Gaslight Anthem and pounding Californians MC Rut to radio-ready New Yorkers The Virgins.

Come back in seven years and see how many are still around.

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