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Talking Shop: Alesha Dixon

Matthew Cutler and Alesha Dixon in Strictly Come Dancing
Dixon says she was already a fan of Strictly Come Dancing
The career of Alesha Dixon, a former member of girl band Mis-Teeq, has improved dramatically thanks to her involvement in last year's Strictly Come Dancing.

Dixon, 30, had been dropped by her record label Polydor as a solo artist in 2006.

But after being crowned Strictly Come Dancing champion, a number of record labels offered her contracts.

Comeback single Boy Does Nothing is out on 10 November with album, The Alesha Show, out on Monday 17 November.

You have returned to Strictly Come Dancing for a couple of guest appearances this year. What was it like to be back?

You know, I was such a fan of the show before I even participated, so it's nice to go back to being a fan and to sit in the audience and watch and support the other contestants.

Mis-Teeq had two UK top 10 studio albums

It's very exciting. It's just always such a good spirit here - always.

What advice have you been giving to the contestants?

My advice has been just to enjoy yourself and to embrace every moment.

I think just to go out there and really feel the music and trust your partner and just enjoy every minute

It is kind of like being in a dream world and nobody knows how long it's going to last so I think it's just important to enjoy it.

What sort of a year has it been for you since you won Strictly?

I haven't stopped, actually, since last Strictly. It's been non-stop - I haven't had much rest but it's been all very good.

I've been concentrating on my album and putting the finishing touches to that.

Your new album The Alesha Show is out next week. What can we expect?

The album's very balanced - it's got some up-tempo tracks on there, it's got some ballads on there, it's a very personal record actually.

It's very thoughtful and it's been great to have the opportunity to make another album and I'm very pleased with the result.

What is the Alesha Dixon sound and how does it compare to the Mis-Teeq sound?

Alesha Dixon
Dixon was in R&B girl group Mis-Teeq who had hits including Scandalous

The Mis-teeq sound was garage, pop, R&B and I think this album is more song-based - it's a lot more guitar-written songs with pop produced around it.

I think the difference is, being in a girl band, it's always very young and a lot of the subject matters were very suited to a girl band whereas, when you're a solo artist, you can write about things that are a bit more personal.

How much of the album have you written?

I've written the majority of it and I co-write as well with a lot of people.

The new single is Boy Does Nothing. What is it about?

Boy Does Nothing is a very tongue-in-cheek record - it's a dance number. And, even though the title is Boy Does Nothing, it's not a male-bashing kind of record.

It's a very feel-good song and the producer actually called it bottled happiness because it's just one of those songs that makes you want to dance and puts a smile on your face. But the lyrical content is just cheeky more than anything.

You were dropped by your record company Polydor - what was that like?

In 2006, I lost a record deal and at the time, obviously, it was scary and was horrible but I think that, in retrospect, looking back, these things are meant to happen.

I never lost the desire to wanna carry on in music - that's all I know, all I've ever dreamed of doing, it's all I've ever wanted to do so, I think, never give up

If I wasn't dropped by Polydor, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to do Strictly Come Dancing.

These things all happen for a reason.

That's the thing in life, it's up and down and you've got to roll with the punches.

You have certainly turned things around since then. What message have you got for people when they are up against it?

I think the main thing is just never give up

I think, sometimes, you can get to a point where some people can get so down or upset about situations that happen in their life that it leads them to change course or maybe try something else. That's fine but, for me personally, I never stopped believing in myself.

I never lost the desire to want to carry on in music - that's all I know, all I've ever dreamed of doing, it's all I've ever wanted to do so, I think, never give up.

What do you hope to achieve with the new album?

My biggest goal and my next dream - the one that I've always had - is to do a huge tour. I'd love to do that. For me, the most enjoyable part is putting the band together.

The whole concept of a stage show is the most exciting part of what you do so to tour it would be fantastic - preferably in 2009 - and have a party on the road.

Alesha Dixon was talking to BBC News entertainment reporter Liam Allen.

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