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Talking Shop: Olga Kurylenko

Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko at a photocall in Moscow

Olga Kurylenko stars opposite Daniel Craig in the new Bond film Quantum of Solace as Camille, a woman focused on avenging the murder of her family.

While training as an actress, Ukrainian-born Kurylenko was a successful model. By the age of 18 she had already appeared on the covers of Vogue and Elle.

Kurylenko's first English-speaking film role was in the film adaptation of computer game Hitman and she will soon be seen with Mark Wahlberg in Max Payne.

Here she talks about shooting stunts, filming love scenes and meeting Ukraine's First Lady.

How does Camille differ from the Bond girls of old?

She's totally different. First of all she has her own story in the movie and she is not connected to Bond. She can do everything by herself; she's quite strong and very feisty.

Quantum of Solace still
Kurylenko plays Bond's companion Camille
Daniel Craig got injured several times on the Bond set. Did you come through unscathed?

I had a few bruises and scratches, but that's fine. There was some tough physical training. I had to learn all these new skills and the stunt team was amazing. I had to do sky diving which was totally new for me.

And the toughest stunt?

The boat chase scene. It was really hard not to fall out while it was going at such ridiculous speed.

Daniel Craig took part in the casting process for Camille. Can you remember what you had to do?

There were three auditions and he was present at the third. That's the first time I met him. I had to play a scene with him and during that audition I felt this connection [between us].

When you received the script for Quantum of Solace, did you flick though it wondering why there was no love scene?

I was so happy! I'm tired of people asking me to do all these love scenes, which is not what I want to do. It's much more important to show the character.

Unfortunately all people see if there is a sexy scene is just that - they forget about the story or the message.

Olga Kurylenko with the wife of the Ukrainian president
Olga Kurylenko met Ukraine's First Lady Kateryna Yushchenko this month
How big a star are you in the Ukraine? You were invited to the President's house this month...

Yes! They were so warm and welcoming. I went with my mother. It was nice to go back to my country - I only go there about once a year because I don't have time.

And what tip would you give to any future Bond girl?

I'd say get ready to be really physical, and concentrate on the character - that's all that matters.

Quantum of Solace is out on 31 October. Olga Kurylenko was talking to BBC entertainment news reporter Tim Masters.

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