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Drinks firm to keep Roses pledge

Axl Rose
The Guns N' Roses album is due to be released on 23 November in the US

A US manufacturer which promised a free soft drink to all Americans if Guns N' Roses released a new album in 2008 has said it will honour its pledge.

Dr Pepper made the offer after several release dates for the rock band's long-awaited album passed.

"We never thought this day would come. Now it's here, all we can say is the Dr Pepper's on us," said a spokesman.

The drinks will be made available via a voucher system. Chinese Democracy is due to be released next month.

'Show of solidarity'

The album, which is the band's first since 1993, is coming out in the US on 23 November and a day later in the UK.

Americans will have to visit the drinks manufacturer's website to register for a coupon to obtain their free can.

Registration will only be possible for 24 hours after the album's US release date next month, and vouchers could take up to six weeks to arrive.

We never thought this day would come. Now it's here, all we can say is the Dr Pepper's on us
Company spokesman Tony Jacobs

Earlier this year, Dr Pepper challenged Guns N' Roses to finally bring out their CD.

The company said that in an "unprecedented show of solidarity with Axl", all Americans would receive a free can, "except estranged guitarists Slash and Buckethead".

The band's frontman, Axl Rose, said at the time that he was "surprised and very happy" to have the firm's support.

The company said the star's "quest for perfection" was understandable, leading them to believe that Chinese Democracy would not hit the shops in 2008.

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