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Talking Shop: Corrie's Tony

Gray O' Brien as Tony Gordon
Tony Gordon has made many enemies on Coronation Street
Since arriving on the cobbled streets of Coronation Street last year, Tony Gordon has caused a stir amongst the Weatherfield residents.

However, the businessman is about to play his dirtiest trick yet when he puts an end to his fiancée Carla's affair with Liam Connor.

In real life, actor Gray O'Brien reveals what it is like to play the ITV1 soap's bad guy.

Warning: The following interview may contain spoilers.

How has the reaction to your character been so far?

I was worried when I heard the storyline. I was worried that I was going to be the most hated man in soap, but I think you'll agree after watching it there's two sides to this.

I don't know what will happen on Friday. I'm not going to be in the country, so we'll see what happens. I expect to get a bit of stick for it, but I think there's an interest in Tony because he's not just the villain.

There's other sides to him and the onion starts to unpeel and I think the audience are interested in seeing the unravelling of Tony and that's the fun part to play.

Liam Connor (Rob James-Collier) and Carla Connor (Alison King)
Carla and Liam have been having an affair behind Tony's back

You filmed three endings - why?

Because of the press interest. We tried to keep it to ourselves because every time we turn up at a location there are people waiting for us and it's always revealed the next day, so it's just a way to keep it guarded.

What is it like being part of such a huge storyline?

It's actually just being involved in Coronation Street as a whole, it's great to be involved in this iconic show. I don't think it really matters what role you play - to be part of it is a great honour.

To be at the forefront of it is quite daunting though, but it's been really exciting too.

How many people have you told what really happens?

I haven't told anybody. I've absolutely kept it under my hat. I don't have anything to gain by telling anyone, because it ruins it.

I just had my mother on the phone saying 'why don't you tell us?'

Did you know when you accepted the role the storyline would develop like this?

Tony and Liam
Three different endings of Liam's murder have been shot

Coming in to play the Coronation Street villain has a life span, so I was aware of that.

I knew he was going to be villainous, but I think it was all based on audience reaction that they liked him and the writers just went with it. So it's been a really organic process, I don't think I expected this to happen, quite as it has happened.

I think it's certainly going to play on till next year, but I don't know how long for. I was aware that I wasn't coming in for 20 years on the street, that was never the case.

Do you have any ideas as to what should happen to Tony?

None at all, I've just spent three hours on the train with the producer and she wasn't giving anything away.

I've dropped a few hints. Obviously he's got to come to an end, and whether that will be a grisly end or whatever, I don't know.

I've got great faith in the writers at Coronation Street and entrust that they'll keep the momentum with the character going.

He's a great character to play and he's popular so I do trust whichever way it ends will be the correct ending.

Gray O'Brien was speaking to BBC entertainment reporter Fiona Pryor.

The denouement to the Liam, Carla and Tony storyline is on ITV1 on Friday 17 October from 1930 BST.

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