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Mo and Kat lose Big Brother vote

Mohamed Mohamed and Kathreya Kasisopa
Mohamed and Kathreya were both evicted on the same night

Toy demonstrator Mohamed Mohamed and Thai massage therapist Kathreya Kasisopa were evicted from Big Brother in a surprise midweek double eviction.

Three days from the finale of the series, the two housemates least popular in a public vote were evicted with no prior notice.

Mohamed and Kathreya both got a mixed reception from the crowd outside the house as they left half-an-hour apart.

Mikey Hughes has been tipped to win the series, which finishes on Friday.

Mohamed was dubbed Greedy Mo by fellow housemates for his appetite. But he defended his constant eating, saying: "If there's food left over I will eat it, because there's other people in the world who are starving."

Kathreya, the self-styled Cookie Monster who both entertained and annoyed her housemates with her "Happy House" singalongs, burst into tears as she was told the news that she had to leave the house immediately.

But when she was interviewed by show host Davina McCall in the studio, she said: "I'm extremely happy. I think I'm like English Marmite, sometimes you love me and sometimes you hate me.

"I might be a bit annoying but I would rather by happy than be miserable."

The 30-year-old, who struggled to understand some English expressions during her time on the show, was presented with a giant cookie adorned with the word that became her Diary Room catchphrase - "Hirarious".

She said she now wanted her closest friend in the house - trainee teacher Rachel Rice - to be the winner. Mohamed opted for lovelorn music fan Darnell Swallow.

Tuesday's eviction was based on public votes for who should win the series. Mohamed and Kathreya received the least support.

After the double eviction, five contestants remain in the house competing for the 100,000 prize.

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