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Law goes on Afghan peace mission

Jude Law on why he visited Afghanistan

Actor Jude Law has visited Afghanistan and called on all sides in the war-torn country to observe a day of peace.

The Oscar nominee, who is an ambassador for the Peace One Day project, said his visit to Kabul was "to remind all parties that it is happening".

Law said a pause in hostilities on 21 September would allow food deliveries and vaccinations to take place.

Last year the film star visited eastern Afghanistan to appear in a documentary filmed on peace day.

'Hugely moved'

The film, The Day After Peace, was made by British director Jeremy Gilley and is being premiered in Afghanistan to show the efforts that were made to observe the ceasefire in the country last year.

People recognise the day because they recognise that lives could be saved
Jude Law on Peace Day 2007 in Afghanistan

Gilley was responsible for setting up the Peace One Day project in 1999.

His earlier documentary, also called Peace One Day, showed his efforts to persuade world leaders to establish an international day of peace.

The latest film, which also features Kofi Annan, the Dalai Lama, Angelina Jolie, Annie Lennox and Jonny Lee Miller, charts the way Peace Day can be used as a focus for lifesaving activity.

Cold Mountain star Law told reporters in Kabul that it was "the most important film I have been part of".

He went to to explain that his visit last year, in which he took part in a mass vaccination programme, had a profound effect.

"I was hugely moved, not by the conflict that I have read so much about, but by the people's courage and the people's sense of hope.

"It seemed that they really want to make the peace day work. And they did. People recognise the day because they recognise that lives could be saved," added the actor.

After his secret visit last year, Law vowed to make a return to Afghanistan to screen the film about peace.

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