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Police top misheard lyrics chart

The Police
The Police have recently been performing on a reunion tour

Rock band The Police have written some of the most commonly misheard pop lyrics of all time, a poll suggests.

Two of the band's songs feature in a top 10 of misunderstood tracks.

A line from The Police's Message In A Bottle - "a year has passed since I wrote my note" - is often heard as "a year has passed since I broke my nose".

A biblical reference in U2's Mysterious Ways becomes "Shamu the mysterious whale". Some 2,000 people were polled by hearing aid providers Amplifon.

The girl with colitis goes by
Misheard lyric from Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

"Some people go for years singing the wrong lyrics to their favourite songs," said the company's director Enrico Vacca.

"We heard some brilliant misquotes during our research that had us in stitches."

Number one in the chart is Police song When The World Is Running Down in which "you make the best of what's still around" is misheard as "you make the best homemade stew around".

At number two, a line from Bee Gees song Stayin' Alive - "it's alright, it's okay, you may look the other way" - is translated as "it's alright, it's okay, you make love the other way".

The Beatles also make the top 10 with Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.

The line "the girl with kaleidoscope eyes" is misinterpreted as saying "the girl with colitis goes by".

You're gonna be the one at Sainsbury's
Misheard lyric from Wonderwall

Queen's "scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?" from Bohemian Rhapsody, is misheard as "will you do the banned tango?"

Oasis song Wonderwall is also in the chart with "you're gonna be the one that saves me" becoming "you're gonna be the one at Sainsbury's".

And Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights creeps into the chart at number 10.

The original line from the song is: "Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy and I've come home, oh, so cold, let me in your window."

But it is misheard as: "Heathcliff, it's me, I'm a tree, I'm a wombat. Oh, so cold at the end of your winter."

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