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Hadrian sculpture to go on show

Sculpture of the Emperor Hadrian
The sculpture was excavated from Turkey last year

Marble sculptures of Roman Emperor Hadrian, his wife Sabina and male lover Antinous are to be displayed at London's British Museum.

The exhibition focuses on the ruler's life and will combine sculpture, bronzes and architectural fragments never before seen in the UK.

Curator Thorsten Opper said: "This will be a unique opportunity to see important objects related to Hadrian."

The display, including artefacts from 11 countries, opens on 24 July.


"Hadrian was an extremely successful emperor who left an immense and enduring legacy, but one that is often not recognised or appreciated," said Mr Opper.

"This exhibition will allow for a reassessment of his character, his life, love and legacy".

Parts of a statue of the emperor which forms a centrepiece of the London exhibition were found at an archaeological site in south-central Turkey.

The original statue would have stood 4m-5m in height, experts estimated.

Hadrian's achievements included the massive wall which bears his name built across the width of northern England. Ruling Rome from AD117 to AD138, he was regarded by many observers as a great administrator.

Giant statue of Hadrian unearthed
09 Aug 07 |  Science/Nature

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