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Dennis thrown out of Big Brother

Dennis McHugh
Dennis is the second housemate to be thrown off the show in the current run

Big Brother housemate Dennis McHugh has been removed from the Channel 4 reality show after spitting in the face of fellow contestant Mohamed Mohamed.

The 23-year-old broke house rules as a result, a Channel 4 spokeswoman said.

"Spitting in someone's face is seriously offensive and Mohamed was understandably upset," she added.

Dennis is the second contestant to be removed from the show. It happened last week to Alexandra De-Gale, who had allegedly threatened housemates.

She is said to have remarked that "gangster friends" would punish those who had got on the wrong side of her.

'Clear rules'

The latest row involved several housemates and ended in a picture painted by Jennifer Clark being slightly defaced.

The argument started in the early hours of Friday following a prank played by Rex.

A Channel 4 spokeswoman said Big Brother had "very clear rules about offensive behaviour".

Alexandra De-Gale
Alexandra De-Gale was removed for allegedly threatening housemates
"Like all housemates Dennis was clearly informed before entering the house that he faced eviction if he acted in an unacceptable manner."

Dennis was called to the Diary Room, she said.

He was told he was being removed from the house immediately, as production staff and Channel 4 executives had reviewed footage.

Other housemates involved in the row were also summoned and reminded "of the rules governing housemates' behaviour".

They were then sent to separate bedrooms and kept apart for the night.

Friday's eviction, involving either Mohamed or Sylvia Barrie, has not been cancelled, however.

Sylvia is the bookmakers' favourite to be voted off the programme.

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