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Bee Gees may return, singer says

By Ian Youngs
BBC News entertainment reporter

Barry Gibb (left) and Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees
The Bee Gees' hits include Night Fever, Tragedy and You Win Again

Robin Gibb has said he and brother Barry may return to the stage as The Bee Gees, five years after their brother and bandmate Maurice died.

Robin Gibb told the BBC he is "very open" to a comeback if Barry "feels comfortable with it".

"When or where is to be decided at a time when he says yes," he said.

Robin Gibb is currently preparing to release a new solo album and is also campaigning to honour members of World War II's RAF Bomber Command.

When Maurice Gibb died in 2003, his brothers said they would no longer use the Bee Gees name.

"We decided that on an emotional level at that point," Robin Gibb said.

"Whether or not that will change, we don't know. It's a personal thing and we'll do it when the time is right."

He added: "So it's not a no, it's just emotionally when it's right."

War 'heroes'

The pair did perform on stage in Miami in 2006, their first show together since Maurice died.

Robin was due to play his first UK solo gig next month to support the RAF memorial campaign, but that has now been postponed.

The singer is chairman of the Heritage Foundation and is calling for a permanent memorial in London for British airmen.

"These people were heroes to me," he said. "They were seen as the guys who won the war, and the war had to be won.

"Our backs were against the wall and we could have been occupied any day in this country. And these guys risked their lives."

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