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BB 'stinky' jibes are deemed fair

Big Brother 7 contestant Dawn
Dawn Blake said she had been treated unfairly in the show

A Big Brother contestant mocked by housemates who said she had body odour has had a complaint against programme-maker Channel 4 rejected.

Dawn Blake, who took part in the show in 2006, claimed an eviction story was invented to portray her as "cheating".

And she said spin-off shows Big Mouth and Little Brother unfairly discussed the suggestion that she had not washed, branding her "stinky Dawn".

Ofcom rejected complaints of unfair treatment and infringement of privacy.

'Fairly portrayed'

Ms Blake, from Birmingham, was thrown off the programme after a week for communicating with the outside world.

Her eviction came after she told housemates that a family message she was allowed to receive had contained a coded warning that she was receiving negative press.

Ofcom found that references to the body odour issue and to Ms Blake's departure reflected events in the house

Ofcom dismissed her claim that the eviction story was "invented so as to portray her as cheating".

The media regulator said the story of her eviction and departure from the house was "fairly portrayed".

Ms Blake had also complained that footage about her body odour had been unfairly edited "so as to humiliate and misrepresent" her.

The Ofcom report said Ms Blake had complained "it was suggested that she was not washing or taking a shower, despite the fact that she took a shower and washed every day".

She also complained that references to her on Little Brother and Big Mouth, on which she was referred to as "stinky Dawn", had been unfair.

'Negative treatment'

But the report said: "As regards Big Brother's Big Mouth and Big Brother's Little Brother, Ofcom found that references to the body odour issue and to Ms Blake's departure reflected events in the house."

They were "in the context of a light-hearted discussion in which positive as well as negative comments were included".

Ms Blake had also complained that footage that made reference to her "medical conditions including asthma, eczema, urticaria and skin allergies" had not been included in final footage.

But Ofcom ruled that it was "not incumbent on the programme makers to refer to Ms Blake's medical condition".

Other complaints rejected included one that "a distorted picture of her was presented and she was singled out for negative treatment", and another suggesting she was "kept in the house and filmed against her will" towards the end of her time in the show.

Big Brother is returning for a ninth series on Channel 4 on 5 June.

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