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Media circus dogs Amy's footsteps

By David Sillito
BBC News arts correspondent

Amy Winehouse arrives at Holborn police station
Amy Winehouse arrived at Holborn police station amid a media scrum

When she arrived at Holborn police station in London, Amy Winehouse looked teary and distressed. She appeared tiny, as she was surrounded by minders, onlookers and the media.

Indeed, hundreds of people had been waiting through the afternoon to catch a glimpse of her. She is one of Britain's biggest pop stars.

But her life continues to ricochet between musical success and personal disaster.

This was just one part of a day of events that has continued to feed the media circus that now follows her life.

A day that had begun at Snaresbrook Crown Court when the words 'I love you, I love you' were whispered in my ear.

We were there because Amy's husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, was in court for a hearing on his upcoming case in which he is accused of causing grievous bodily harm and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

There was no sign of Amy. But there was - sitting next to me - a blonde 21-year old friend of Mr Fielder-Civil. At one point a court official had to intervene as she gestured and whispered endearments.

A good friend

I quickly realised it wasn't me she was besotted with when I saw Mr Fielder-Civil respond with his own "I love you."


Amy Winehouse in the media spotlight

Outside court, the young lady said she was Sophie Schandorff, a long time friend of Mr Fielder Civil. All she would say was that she was a good friend. So where was Amy?

Twenty minutes later we were rushing to Kentish Town Police Station. It was being reported that Amy Winehouse was answering questions about an alleged incident on Wednesday morning.

It was claimed she had headbutted and punched two men during a night out on the town. The police were keen to put a few questions to her.

But half an hour later we were off to Holborn police station in central London, after being told that that was where she was in fact due to be questioned.

Royal visit

As we arrived there were around 300 people waiting behind barriers. It felt more like a royal visit than watching a troubled pop star face the police.


Paparazzi enjoying their lollipops whilst they wait for Amy

Sensing a good marketing opportunity, a lollipop company popped by and handed out free sweets. That explains why everyone was eating a lollipop in the live TV coverage.

Finally, Amy's appearance at just after five o'clock was brief. She looked troubled as she was hurried into the police station.

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