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Heather Mills: comments outside court
Heather Mills arriving at court
Mills said she was relieved the case was over
Ex-model Heather Mills has been awarded 24.3m by a judge in a divorce settlement with former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney.

A spokesman for the singer said he would make no comment. Here are excerpts of what Ms Mills said outside London's High Court:

"First of all, I just want to say I'm glad it's over. And it was an incredible result in the end, to secure mine and [my] daughter's future - and that of all the charities that I obviously plan on helping and making a difference with, because you know that's been my life for 20 years.

Obviously, the courts do not want a litigant in person to do well. It's against everything that they ever wish. So, when they write the judgement up, they're never going to try and make it look in my favour.

But all of you that have researched know that it was always going to be a figure between 20 and 30 million. Paul was offering a lot less than that, which you'll see in the judgement - and very much last minute.

To put me and Beatrice sadly through this - it's been incredibly sad. So we're very, very, very pleased - and what I'd like to say - being a campaigning girl - is anybody wanting to go through a divorce - try your hardest, man or woman, to settle it immediately.

But if you're in an impossible situation - which anybody listening will know that, you know, people don't see eye-to-eye - things get out of hand. You can be a litigant in person. It's not easy, but just make sure you do all your research, save yourself a fortune."

When asked if she had plans to move to the US, she said:

"I can't leave England, I've always wanted to keep my daughter near her father and believe me if I tried to go, he'd have an injunction on me in a second.

So there's no point, and I love England, I've got all my friends and family here and I just want to thank everybody for their support...

At least you can start getting some really good headlines on the front pages of important issues and matters, instead of our boring divorce. I'm sure everyone at home is fed up of hearing a million figures that never existed.

This is the end result and thank you very much."

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