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Last Updated: Monday, 17 March 2008, 12:05 GMT
McCartneys to learn divorce deal
Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills
The pair announced the end of their marriage in May 2006
Sir Paul McCartney and his estranged wife Heather Mills have arrived at court to learn the details of their divorce settlement.

The couple failed to reach an agreement in court last month, leaving the judge to determine the final figure.

Divorce experts have estimated Ms Mills could walk away with 60m of Sir Paul's estimated 825m fortune.

Speculation over the sum has been rife in the press, but Mr Justice Bennett is not obliged to reveal the details.

Dozens of press have descended at London's High Court for the verdict and police have set up barricades.

Hearings at the High Court last month were held behind closed doors, and details of the settlement were not expected to be made public unless the case went to appeal.

Heather Mills is obviously going to get what in common terms is a large financial settlement
Patricia Hollings, divorce lawyer

However, a statement released by the Judicial Communications Office last month surprised some observers by saying Mr Justice Bennett could make his judgment public "in whole or in part".

It is thought he may publish his findings in order to end speculation over the size of the financial settlement, which could be the biggest in British history.

The current record rests with businessman John Charman, who was ordered to pay 48m to his ex-wife last year.

"Heather Mills is obviously going to get what in common terms is a large financial settlement," said Patricia Hollings, a divorce specialist with London legal firm Finers Stephens Innocent.

12 March 1969: McCartney marries Linda Eastman
6 May 1989: Mills marries Alfie Karmal, a dishwasher salesman
1991: Mills divorces Karmal
August 1993: Heather Mills loses a leg after being hit by police motorcycle
17 April 1998: Linda McCartney dies of breast cancer
1999: McCartney and Mills meet at an awards ceremony
11 June 2002: The couple marry in Ireland
28 October 2003: Daughter Beatrice is born
30 July 2006: McCartney files for divorce from Mills citing "unreasonable behaviour"
11 February 2008: Divorce hearing begins

"How large it is going to be compared to his assets is another matter," she added, noting that Ms Mills may receive a consideration for keeping quiet about details of her marriage to the former Beatle.

"He [Mr Justice Bennett] may give her a heightened sum of money to make up for the fact that she won't be able to go out and publish her autobiography as she would like."

Ms Mills, 40, married Sir Paul, 65, in June 2002, four years after the death of his first wife Linda from breast cancer.

The couple, who have a four-year-old daughter Beatrice, announced the end of their marriage in 2006.

Ms Mills' website, which used to be regularly updated and included a "facts and fiction" section, now only features a picture of the former model, a message stating "website coming soon" and a link to an amputee support forum.

Her old website,, no longer exists.

Sir Paul's official website makes no reference to the couple's relationship.

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