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Laurie 'snubbed' after US success
Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie has won two Golden Globes for his role in House
Actor Hugh Laurie has said Britain has turned its back on him since he became a success in US TV serial House.

The award-winning star told the Radio Times the hours on the show are "relentless" and he has not been offered any work in his home country.

"The door slammed behind me, and that's it. There's a notion that I've sold out," said the performer.

Laurie added that he would "love to do anything" with Stephen Fry again, his former Jeeves and Wooster co-star.

'Peculiar British attitude'

But he added that he would prefer not to be the frontman of shows such as QI like Fry.

"I'm no good as myself. I don't hugely like me," he said.

Speaking about his Stateside success, Laurie said: "There's a peculiar British attitude that I took an oath I wouldn't be successful, and reneged on it," said Laurie.

Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie stars as a doctor with questionable social skills in House

But he added that he was "off the market" for any other work, saying there is "no time to do anything else".

The actor, who had to master an American accent for his role as Dr Gregory House in the hit show, said that he prefers not to watch himself on screen.

"I don't watch regularly, I hate seeing myself, but it's even worse hearing my American accent. I had no idea I sound so retarded, a dull monotone, full of clunking mistakes."

He also admitted to experimenting with the painkiller Vicodin, which his on-screen character is addicted to, but said: "I wouldn't recommend it.

"But then again, if you're not in pain, it gives a floaty, pleasurable feeling," he said.

Laurie added that if the success of the show continues, his family, who currently remain in London, will move to the US.

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