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What they said: Bafta winners
What the stars said as they collected their prizes at this year's Bafta Film Awards.

Daniel Day-Lewis (best actor):
It's been a mighty year and I'm very proud to have been included.

Marion Cotillard (best actress):
It has been the most incredible adventure. I loved every single second of the shooting. I love you so much for doing this to me.

Tilda Swinton
Swinton said she was "astonished" to win for Michael Clayton
Tilda Swinton (best supporting actress):
I've always thought I was having too much fun and I thought these were given to people who suffered.

I can't tell you how hard it was to make this film. And I mean that... it wasn't. It was so easy.

Javier Bardem (best supporting actor):
It's a great honour for me to be recognised in a land where there's this huge long tradition of great performers.

It's a great honour for a European performer to be here tonight on this stage.

I also want to thank mum and dad. Not mine - Joel and Ethan Coen's.

Paul Webster (producer of best film Atonement):
It has been a really brilliant year for cinema. This Bafta goes to all of us I think.

Shane Meadows (director of best British film This is England):
This is the third time I've been nominated and the previous two times I took a regime on at Christmas of press-ups and sit-ups to get myself in shape.

This year I gave up on that idea, so I've come with man boobs this year. It's turned my luck around, which is fantastic.

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (director of best foreign film The Lives of Others):
When production companies were dropping out and financiers lost faith with this project, [actor] Ulrich [Muehe] was willing to stay on this project almost for free.

He believed in the film and made it possible to get it made. Without him there would be no Bafta and this film would not exist.

Diablo Cody (best original screenplay for Juno):
I'm completely in shock - this is awesome. This has been the most incredible year.

Sir Anthony Hopkins (Academy Fellowship):
It sure beats working! Sometimes when we're sitting in a trailer at 3am and I'm eating a lukewarm pizza waiting for the last shot, my wife says to me: 'Do you really think it's worth it at this time in your life?' And I say, 'Yeah.'

It always has been worth it, and I guess it always will be until I stop.

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