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Talking Shop: Amy Macdonald
Amy Macdonald
This Is The Life has sold nearly half a million copies in the UK
While Kate Nash, Adele and Duffy have received all the hype, singer-songwriter Amy Macdonald has achieved a word-of-mouth success over the last 12 months.

The 20-year-old Glaswegian crept to number one in January - six months after her debut album, This Is The Life, was released.

Having just completed a sold-out UK tour, she releases her fourth single, Run, this week.

Congratulations on getting to number one - were you surprised?

It was great. I mean, we knew that it was doing well - it went to number six the week before, but I was a couple of hundred behind Take That and a couple of thousand behind Radiohead so we didn't really expect it to go to number one.

Why do you think people suddenly decided they had to buy it?

The thing with me is, I was never hyped. People were never told to listen to me and they never had me forced down their throats. I think people feel a bit of ownership over it. They've discovered it for themselves.

It went to number one just after Christmas. Do you think you benefitted from people taking back albums their gran got them for Christmas?

Maybe that's it! Maybe I've done well on returns!

Amy Macdonald
Macdonald has been playing new material on her UK tour
What was the last record you returned?

I've never done it because everyone knows not to buy me music! As soon as something comes out that I want, I already have it. So nobody takes the risk of buying me a record.

Do you still go down to the record shop now you're famous, or do you send someone else out to do it for you?

No I don't. I'm not that much of a diva! And I love walking about the shops and buying CDs.

My favourite record store is called Avalanche, in Edinburgh. My sister was big on always going in and buying all these CDs that nobody had ever heard of and discovering stuff she really liked. I think that's a really cool way to do it.

Was she an influence on your musical taste?

No, My sister's favourite bands are Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails, and that's a wee bit heavy for me.

Run is already a massive radio hit. What's the story behind it?

I wrote Run after going to see The Killers in Glasgow. When I came home all their songs were just going round in my head and I thought: "I'd love to write a song like that." So it's basically a song that I wrote that I thought the Killers could perform.

Have you considered asking them to play it?

It would be great if they wanted to.

Have I met them? Not the full band, but I've met Brandon [Flowers, lead singer]. He was really sweet and nice, but he was just about to have a baby so I think his mind was elsewhere at the time.

Amy Macdonald
Macdonald says her first record was Travis's The Man Who
When you play Run in concert, you introduce it as "Paul Weller's favourite song". What's the story there?

I supported Paul Weller on his European tour last year, and he would stand on the stage every night when I was playing. It was just amazing to catch somebody in the corner of your eye and then turn round and it's Paul Weller tapping his foot to one of your songs!

Then, backstage on the last night, he burst out into the chorus of Run and he said "that's a beautiful, beautiful song".

He wrote some of the greatest hits I can remember, so for somebody like that to say it was a beautiful song was a huge pat on the back.

There's a blog on your website - do you actually write it yourself?

I do. Nobody from my record company could be that intelligent

You're quite honest about being nervous before gigs, or waking up with a hangover. Is that wise?

I wouldn't see a point in writing it if I was lying all the time. There would be no point in people wasting their time reading if I was saying everything's great, life is good when I was feeling like shit.

And how are you feeling now?

I'm happy as Larry!

Amy Macdonald was speaking to BBC News entertainment reporter Mark Savage.

MacDonald tops the UK album chart
13 Jan 08 |  Entertainment

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