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Clooney mourns movie 'golden age'
George Clooney
George Clooney attended the recent Oscar nominees luncheon
Oscar-winning actor George Clooney has said that Hollywood is no longer making film "masterpieces".

The star, nominated at this year's Academy Awards for his role in Michael Clayton, told Radio Times "they don't make those films any more".

Clooney said his golden age of cinema is 1964-76, when "you could find 10 films a year that were masterpieces".

The actor denied there were plans for an ER reunion, saying it was a rumour perpetuated by fans on the internet.

"I'm of the generation that still believes that if it's written down there's some element of truth," adding: "It's suddenly passed back and forth and then it's fact."

Hollywood domination

Clooney, who has already won an Academy Award for Syriana, said that his successful career was more down to luck than sheer talent.

"Had I not got the Thursday night ten o'clock slot at ER, if they'd put us on Friday night, then I wouldn't have a film career. That's luck, not my own genius, though I like to think it was."

Tom Wilkinson in Michael Clayton
Tom Wilkinson is shortlisted for best supporting actor
British actor Tom Wilkinson, who is also nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Michael Clayton, told the Radio Times that the Bafta awards are dominated by Hollywood films.

"There aren't enough British films in the main nominations. It's almost all American films," he said.

"Maybe what it's saying is that there is no British film industry, which is sort of true."

"It's a shame that there has to be a best British film category. If British films can't compete at a global level, then it's just a bit parochial," he added.

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