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Last Updated: Monday, 4 February 2008, 13:44 GMT
Boy A novel is top talking point
Many UK bookshops will be promoting the shortlist
Jonathan Trigell's novel Boy A, about a young man's struggle to adapt to life after prison, has topped a shortlist of Britain's most discussion-worthy books.

The novel, which was turned into a Channel 4 drama, was the top choice of more than 3,000 readers polled by the organisers of World Book Day.

Others on the list include Candi Miller's Salt and Honey and Pauline Rowson's In Cold Daylight.

One will be named the "top book to talk about" in March after a public vote.

Book clubs

The nominated books were drawn from a longlist of 100 titles drawn up by judges. More than 3,000 people voted for their favourites to come up with a top 10 - with organisers particularly keen to hear from book clubs.

1. Boy A - Jonathan Trigell
2. Salt and Honey - Candi Miller
3. In Cold Daylight - Pauline Rowson
4. Speaking of Love - Angela Young
5. Ishq & Mushq - Priya Basil
6. Gods in Alabama - Joshilyn Jackson
7. Playing with the Moon - Eliza Graham
8. Before I Die - Jenny Downham
9. Death of a Murderer - Rupert Thomson
10. Lint - Steve Aylett

Boy A scored the highest number of votes overall, but the favourite choice of book club members was Gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson.

The story is a coming-of-age tale in which a woman reluctantly returns to Alabama to confront her past.

The most popular book amongst female readers was Jenny Downham's moving portrait of a 16-year-old battling leukaemia, Before I Die.

The World Book Day tradition began in Catalonia, Spain, where people celebrate St George's Day by giving a book and a rose to loved ones.

According to World Book Day organisers, there are 4,000 known reading groups in the UK and hundreds of more informal ones.

Having selected the top 10 discussion-worthy books, organisers want to attract a wider range of people for the second round of voting.

The winning author will be announced on World Book Day (6 March) with a 5,000 prize at stake.

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