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Last Updated: Friday, 25 January 2008, 16:58 GMT
Korean star ends castration claim
Na Hoon-a
Na Hoon-a surprised reporters during the live broadcast

South Korean singer Na Hoon-a has offered to expose himself on a live TV show to prove that he has not been castrated in a love quarrel.

Speaking at a packed news conference in Seoul, the 60-year-old denied a Japanese gangster had dismembered him.

Reports claimed Hoon-a upset the mobster for having a relationship with his favourite actress.

As he unbuttoned his trousers the star said: "Do I have to show you, or would you just believe me?"

As the crowd shrieked their responses, he told them he was prepared to prove there was no damage "down there".

Hoon-a then pulled his trousers back up having only revealed the top of his white underpants.

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