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Last Updated: Friday, 25 January 2008, 11:27 GMT
Studios strike deal with writers
Sylvester Stallone as Rambo
Sylvester Stallone is due to reprise his role as Rambo
Film studios producing Rambo, Saw 5 and The Incredible Hulk have become the latest companies to reach a deal with striking screenwriters.

Lionsgate and Marvel studios have signed interim deals with the striking Writers Guild of America (WGA).

In a statement Lionsgate said: "It was an important time to have our writer partners get back to work."

Talk show host David Letterman's firm, United Artists and The Weinstein Company have already struck deals.

Resumed talks

In a statement, the WGA said: "We are pleased Lionsgate has joined the growing number of companies that have signed interim agreements with the Writers Guild."

The WGA have been on strike since November in a dispute over royalties for work distributed online or on DVD.

Writers and producers resumed talks this week aimed at ending a nearly three month strike that has stopped most primetime television production.

The strike also forced the Golden Globe film and TV awards to be scaled back to a news conference after actors said they would not cross the WGA picket line.

Orgnaisers of the Oscars ceremony taking place on 24 February have insisted that the show will go ahead.

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