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Winehouse is admitted into rehab
Amy and Mitch Winehouse
Mr Winehouse has called for his daughter to be sectioned
Singer Amy Winehouse has been admitted into rehab in a battle to kick her addiction to drugs.

A statement from her record company, Universal said she entered the facility "after talks with her record label, management, family and doctors".

A film of the singer apparently smoking a crack pipe emerged earlier this week.

Earlier, Ms Winehouse's father admitted he asked for his London-based daughter to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act to help her stop taking drugs.

But Mitch Winehouse told radio station BBC London 94.9 he had been told she could not be sectioned because she was not at risk of hurting herself.

Universal said the star had entered the rehab clinic "to continue her ongoing recovery against drug addiction".

Grammy preparations

In a statement, the firm said: "She has come to understand that she requires specialist treatment to continue her ongoing recovery from drug addiction and prepare for her planned appearance at the Grammy Awards.

"Amy entered the facility by mutual agreement and continues to receive the full support of all concerned."

The singer has cancelled a scheduled appearance at the NRJ Awards in France at the weekend.

Mr Winehouse told the BBC the film of his daughter was "horrible".

He also told host Vanessa Feltz that, while his daughter had taken small steps towards recovery with visits to counsellors and private doctors, she was in denial about her condition.

Unless she wants to do it of her own accord, it's pointless
Mitch Winehouse on his daughter's drug problem

"You might consider taking drugs is a danger to herself, but unfortunately the authorities don't," he said.

He added: "Part of the problem is she doesn't think she's got a problem. She thinks she can do what she does recreationally and get on with the rest of her life."

"The moment she says she wants to go into a facility, within half an hour she will be in a facility. But unless she wants to do it of her own accord, it's pointless."

"You can't lock the key and say, 'you can't come out before you're better'. That's called abduction," he added.

Winehouse is still planning to perform at the Grammys in Los Angeles next month - but will need to get a visa before travelling to the US.

However, her arrest and fine last year in Norway for possession of cannabis could cause problems.

Mr Winehouse said: "Because she has a drugs conviction, at this moment in time she can't go into the States.

"We are working to rectify that and it will be rectified within the next week or so. We are working on it to be able to go to the Grammys."

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