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Last Updated: Monday, 14 January 2008, 14:56 GMT
'I thought the Globes were next month'
British actress Samantha Morton has received a Golden Globe award for playing Myra Hindley in Channel 4 drama Longford.

She told the BBC News website of her surprise over her win and her hopes that an agreement can be reached over the writers' strike that prevented the Globes taking place this year in their usual form.

Samantha Morton (r) in costume as Myra Hindley (l)
Morton played Moors Murderer Myra Hindley (left) in the film
I woke up this morning, my partner turned the phone on and there was a text from my publicist saying 'Congratulations - you've won the Golden Globe.'

It came as a huge surprise - I thought the Globes were some time in February. I didn't know they were going to do a press conference at all. I had a baby on 4 January, so I've been in another head space completely.

I was really shocked I was even nominated. Because I'd been filming, I didn't have the opportunity to do any press in the US. I'm thrilled it's done as well as it's done - it's fantastic.

Doing the film was something I had reservations about. But I was thrilled I performed it in the end because it opened up a wider range of issues to me with regards to the judicial system and what sentencing should mean in our country.

The film is really about Longford, but Myra Hindley was a huge part of his life and needed to be documented. I think it was handled very sensitively, and quite rightly so.

Samantha Morton with partner Harry Holm
Morton and her partner Harry Holm had a baby girl earlier this month
Playing Myra was difficult due to the research I'd done. But I was playing her while she was in prison, when she was in denial of the crime she'd committed.

For the majority of the film I was playing somebody who believed they were innocent of any wrongdoing. It was the latter part that was tough, when she was accepting of her crime and explaining it to Lord Longford.

I think there's something rather marvellous about the Globes being cancelled this year. If people haven't already stood up and taken notice of how serious the situation is, something like the Golden Globes not happening will really make them go, 'What is going on?'

It's something that needs to be resolved as quickly and as amicably as possible. We all want to get back to work.

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