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Last Updated: Sunday, 13 January 2008, 12:43 GMT
Actors await Globe winners list
Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley has been nominated for best actress
Hollywood is bracing itself for the Golden Globe winners list which is being announced at a news conference in Los Angeles later.

The glamorous red carpet ceremony and dinner, which takes place annually, has been cancelled because of the current writers' strike.

Actors had said they would not cross picket lines in support of writers.

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has been on strike since over royalties for work distributed online or DVD.

Political satire

On Friday, the writers announced they would not picket the news conference after it was decided the event, which had been scheduled to appear as an exclusive NBC broadcast, was made available to all media.

The broadcast will now feature TV entertainment show anchors from various outlets announcing the awards in 25 categories.

The dispute, which began in November, has brought production of nearly all US TV comedy and drama shows to a standstill.

British film drama Atonement leads the race after being nominated for seven prizes including best film.

The movie's stars, James McAvoy and Keira Knightley have been shortlisted, as has director Joe Wright.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp is nominated for the musical Sweeney Todd

Helena Bonham Carter, Julie Christie and Daniel Day-Lewis are among the other UK film stars with nominations.

Hugh Laurie, Ricky Gervais and Minnie Driver are also in the running after being nominated for their TV shows House, Extras and The Riches.

The other films which appear in the best motion picture drama category include, Sir Ridley Scott's American Gangster, David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises and the Coen brothers' No Country for Old Men.

The other shortlisted dramas are Denzel Washington's The Great Debaters, Michael Clayton, starring George Clooney, and oil industry saga There Will Be Blood.

Three musicals are nominated for best comedy or musical - the Beatles extravaganza Across the Universe, Hairspray and Sweeney Todd.

Political satire Charlie Wilson's War and teenage pregnancy comedy Juno complete the category.

Oscars guide

Cate Blanchett, Jodie Foster, Christie and Angelina Jolie complete the best actress category.

Clooney, Day Lewis, Viggo Mortensen and Denzel Washington join McAvoy in the competition for the best actor gong.

Cable raceways for TV cameras are removed
Previous preparations for the ceremony are being removed

Bonham Carter, meanwhile, is nominated for Sweeney Todd, as is her director and partner Tim Burton and co-star Johnny Depp.

The Bee Movie, Rataouille and The Simpsons Movie are all competing for best animated feature film.

Former Brookside star Anna Friel, meanwhile, is up for best comedy actress for her US show Pushing Daisies and Ex-Cold Feet star James Nesbitt also gets a consideration for his role in the BBC's Jekyll.

The hour-long news conference will take place at 1800 local time on Sunday (0200 GMT Monday) in Beverly Hills.

Although the Globes are viewed as a form guide for the Oscars, in recent years the awards have thrown up false leads.

For the past three years, none of the Golden Globes' best movie drama winners have gone on to win the best picture Oscar.

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