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'I gave Greening his first break'
Kevin Greening with Zoe Ball
Greening fronted Radio 1's flagship breakfast show with Zoe Ball
Former BBC Radio 1 breakfast presenter Kevin Greening has died at the age of 44.

Trevor Dann was the DJ's boss at Radio 1 from 1995 to 2000 and gave him his big break at the BBC's local station for London - then known as GLR - nearly 20 years ago.

He remembers Greening as a creative talent, but someone who was shy and keen to stay out of the spotlight.

I saw him just before Christmas, at a Radio 4 party, and he was on fine form.

He wasn't overweight - he was a fit guy and he was really healthy. He looked like a fit, wiry boxer. His death is extraordinary.

We chatted about all kinds of things at the party. He was very happy that he was still working at Smooth, as some people had lost their contracts when it was rebranded from Jazz FM.

I was the manager at GLR when I hired him for his first break.

He'd been at BBC Radio Solent and he had an offer to go and be a studio manager at the BBC World Service, or to come to be a presenter with us. He chose GLR.

I thought he was a terrific presenter. I think he was one of the most creative of his generation, without any doubt.

He loved radio - it was his life

I think he would have been a lot more famous if he had been a lot more pushy.

He was a really nice, modest, quiet bloke, whereas some other people with half his talent had twice his arrogance. Subsequently they got on and became very famous.

He was very private and he always wanted to help people. He was a very good producer, and was a creative bloke in all kinds of ways. I can't think of anyone who was his enemy.

He loved radio - it was his life. He wasn't remotely interested in television or celebrity or the paparazzi.

Once Kevin introduced me to somebody and joked that I had only told him off once at Radio 1, and that was for playing a Public Image record.

Then there was a pause, and Kevin told his friend: "But he was right."

He went to St Catharine's College in Cambridge but he always kept that under his hat.

He never wanted to be thought of as an intellectual, but actually he was an intellectual. He wasn't a Big Brother, Daily Star kind of DJ.

He was never a star but he was a great broadcaster and people who liked him really, really liked him. That was a great tribute to him and his ability to communicate with people.

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