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Last Updated: Friday, 21 December 2007, 14:54 GMT
Channel 4 unveils Brother revamp
The Big Brother house has been revamped for the month-long series

Channel 4 has unveiled a redesigned Big Brother house in time for the show's next Celebrity spin-off series, which starts in early January.

Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack will feature young scientists, athletes and Mensa members as contestants.

The celebrities will this year take on the role of Big Brother, setting tasks and controlling the house.

Channel 4 has reformatted the show after last year's series caused a huge furore over alleged racism.

Dermot O'Leary, who announced last month he was leaving the Big Brother franchise, will make his swansong as the host of the month-long series.

The new intake of housemates, who will compete for a prize of 50,000, are said by Channel 4 to be some of the most gifted young people from around the country.

They will be confronted with a neon purple diary room chair, while the garden has an intimate hot tub instead of a pool.

The bedroom walls are decorated with a British cityscape and the housemates now have a gym.

Channel 4 said: "The identity of the celebs taking part remains tightly under wraps, but their aim will be simple: putting their stamp on the activities in the Big Brother house and generally causing mischief."

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