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Mother 'sends public plea to Amy'
Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse has just been nominated for six Grammy Awards
Amy Winehouse's mother has written an open letter to her daughter, saying she is "concerned" and asking the singer to get in touch, according to a newspaper.

Janis Winehouse urged her daughter to "pick up that phone and tell me what's troubling you" in the message, published in the News of the World.

"Early fame has overwhelmed you, it's dizzied you and muddled your mind," it said, adding: "I want you back."

The star recently scrapped her tour after being told to take complete rest.

She has been in the headlines all year after reports of drug use, rehabilitation treatment and cancelled performances - as well as awards success and a best-selling album.

Janis Winehouse said she had spoken to her daughter recently but was writing the letter because Amy would not get help unless she asked for it herself.

You think you're strong enough to get through this on your own, darling, but you're not
Janis Winehouse
"This letter is my way of making sure that you know that all you have to do is come to us, Amy, and we'll do everything in our power to get you well again.

"After all, you are still my baby and you always will be," she wrote, reminding Amy of how stubborn she could be as a child.

The letter continued: "Wherever you are, whatever you need, we're here for you day and night. I hope you know that.

"We were terrified after we saw those pictures of you earlier this week, wandering the freezing streets of London at dawn in your underwear. All I wanted to do was rush into those pictures and wrap you up in a big, warm blanket."

Amy Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder-Civil
Winehouse's husband Blake Fielder-Civil is currently in custody
Janis Winehouse told her daughter she was still "young and vulnerable" even though she was a superstar.

"Remember you're just an ordinary human being, no stronger than any of the rest of us," she said.

"You think you're strong enough to get through this on your own, darling, but you're not.

"I want you back, and I'll make you fitter and stronger. I'd like nothing better than to have you home and help you put on a bit of weight with some wholesome home cooking."

The singer's father Mitch has been one of her staunchest defenders in the past, at her side at court hearings and award ceremonies.

Janis wrote: "Me and your father, and your brother Alex all want you to be happy and quickly restored to full health. For the moment, that's all of our priorities.

Amy Winehouse and father Mitch
Amy Winehouse's father Mitch has been at her side in court
"We are concerned, but we're not panicking. You've got to see things in your own time and I'm sure you will."

She also said the singer's husband Blake Fielder-Civil "might not be my favourite person" - but "if you two are destined to be together forever, then so be it".

Mr Fielder-Civil is currently in custody after being charged with assaulting a pub landlord and perverting the course of justice.

Amy Winehouse, 24, has called off all gigs and public appearances for the rest of the year.

"I can't give it my all on stage without my Blake," she explained.

"I'm so sorry but I don't want to do the shows half-heartedly - I love singing.

"My husband is everything to me and without him it's just not the same."

Winehouse has the UK's biggest-selling album of the year so far, and has just been nominated for six prestigious Grammy Awards - a record for a female British artist.

A spokesperson for the star said: "Amy is thrilled to be nominated for six Grammys and is very much hoping to attend. She is determined to be ready and well for that performance."

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