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Clooney hits out at photographers
George Clooney
George Clooney is calling on photographers to put safety first
Actor George Clooney has hit out at the paparazzi, accusing them of behaving like "bounty hunters".

The star, who nearly collided with a photographer while riding his motorbike in Los Angeles recently, was speaking on US TV show Entertainment Tonight.

"What they're doing is illegal, it's high-speed chases and they're competing with each other," said the 46-year-old.

"It's getting to a point where people that are not involved are getting hurt," he added.

'No rules'

The Ocean's 13 star said he sympathised with other celebrities who were followed around.

"You look at the footage of Britney (Spears) running the red light. There's eight guys with cameras at night in the middle of the street. There are no rules now," he said.

The guys that commit all these crimes are rewarded for it. It creates bounty hunters in a way
George Clooney

"They're not trying to catch me doing something stupid; they're trying to create me doing something stupid. You don't get to break all these laws and then say, 'I'm just doing my job'.

"The guys that commit all these crimes are rewarded for it. It creates bounty hunters in a way," he added.

Clooney insisted he did not want to "restrict anyone's rights" adding he was only asking the photographers abide by the law.

"Take your pictures but don't go 60 (miles per hour) down a one-way street," he said.

In September, Clooney broke a rib when his motorcycle collided with a car on a narrow road outside New York. Paparazzi photographers were not involved in the incident.

Although injured, the star still managed to attend the premiere of his latest movie, Michael Clayton.

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