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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 November 2007, 12:10 GMT
TV clips made available on Bebo
Bebo screengrab
Social networking site Bebo has 10.7 million members in Britain
Clips from BBC shows Strictly Come Dancing and The Mighty Boosh are among TV footage made available on social networking website Bebo.

The BBC, Channel 4, BSkyB and MTV are among broadcasters enabling Bebo users to view free footage, add it to their profiles and share it with other users.

"This will vastly speed up the process of word-of-mouth recommendations between users," a Bebo spokesman said.

Each broadcaster adds footage to its own Bebo page, retaining copyright.

Bebo has 40 million members worldwide including 10.7 million in the UK, many of whom are within the 13 to 24-year-old age range attractive to advertisers.

Twenty-two broadcasters have created Bebo pages and made footage available under the site's "open media" initiative.

Other clips on the site include ITN sport and entertainment bulletins, music videos from MTV and footage from smaller TV producers such as Sumo.TV and Kontraband.

Sumo.TV on Bebo
Smaller broadcasters such as Sumo.TV are among 22 on Bebo

Bebo does not charge broadcasters a fee to create their own pages, which can screen footage via the broadcaster's existing media players. Bebo does charge them to promote its footage elsewhere on the site, however.

It hopes the move will help Bebo retain existing users and attract new ones, as it competes with other social networking sites including Facebook and MySpace.

"Our users no longer have to exit Bebo and go to separate sites such as YouTube to find and share TV footage," Bebo's spokesman said.

The BBC also plans to put excerpts from BBC One series Robin Hood on the site.

BBC director of future media and technology Ashley Highfield described it as "a fantastic new initiative that offers the BBC another avenue to reach a wider audience, and in particular engage with younger viewers".

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