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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 November 2007, 12:29 GMT
Pop star Allen lands own TV show
Lily Allen
Allen boosted her profile with a MySpace page
Pop star Lily Allen is to present her own BBC Three show based on the social networking phenomenon that helped launch her music career.

The audience will be made up entirely of Allen's online friends, while viewers will present parts of the show and put questions to celebrity guests.

Guests will include chart-topping bands and unsigned acts.

"I'm so excited... it's something I intend to have lots of fun with and I have some great ideas," said Allen, 22.

BBC Three controller Danny Cohen said: "I'm delighted... she's one of the hottest acts around and an important voice of her generation."

Exclusive access

The unsigned acts, chosen by members of the audience, will have their progress followed on a network created especially for the show.

Allen's online friends will have exclusive access to behind the scenes footage and can sign up to have highlights sent directly to their phones.

The series is due to start early next year.

The singer, whose hits include Smile and LDN, used the internet to promote herself when she first started out.

She had thousands of so-called "friends" on the networking site MySpace before her first single was even released.

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