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Talking Shop: Alicia Keys
US R&B singer Alicia Keys, who has sold 25 million albums and won nine Grammy awards, is preparing to release her third studio album As I Am.

Alicia Keys in 2003
Alicia Keys shot to fame with her debut album Songs In A Minor

What is the inspiration behind your new single No One? It's a belter of a song...

I love No One so much. I love how you call that a belter!

The most fun about the song [is] that whenever people sing it, everyone joins in at the top of their lungs.

No One is that raw, strong yearning that when you have a good thing, you cannot let anything get in the way of it.

Even when people or the situation may try to break you apart, no-one will get in the way of something special.

I think that's why it's such a triumphant song, such a triumphant feeling. And by the time you get to the end and sing those "ooohs", you feel strong.

Is it about that special boyfriend or girlfriend?

I have a very special relationship with a guy I have been with for a while.

Alicia Keys in 2002
Keys collected five Grammys in 2002, including best song for Fallin'
In my case it definitely is about that, and how sometimes people don't understand that, or people don't appreciate when you have got a good thing. Or maybe they're jealous of it, maybe they're envious of it.

Whatever the case, you have to hold on to a good thing because they don't come often.

He's a lucky guy. Who is he? Can we know?

He is a lucky guy, isn't he? But I'm a lucky girl too.

I am lucky that I know I have someone who I know I can trust, be myself with. There's nothing more comforting than that and no, you cannot know...

Tell me about the video. You're in a music box. Are you feeling trapped by music? Or is that reading too much into it?

You're definitely reading too much into it. The theme about the music box is that music makes everything go around.

Bono and Alicia Keys
Keys' charity recently honoured U2's Bono for his humanitarian work
A lot of my videos are a narration - they tell a story. But I didn't want this video to tell you what to think when you heard the song. I wanted it to represent different emotions.

That's why I captured those four different rooms that are surrounded by music, that makes it all go round.

Is it yearning, is it loneliness, is it being surrounded by music with amps and keyboards or outside in the rain with my piano being totally free, or is it being in a room full of people yet even though you are surrounded by all these people you still focus on that one special person?

So it was more metaphorical than anything.

For the album, you've collaborated with Linda Perry of Four Non-Blondes fame. How did you get together?

With this album, I definitely chose to collaborate with people who would be a bit unexpected.

I wanted Linda Perry because she has such a strong voice, she has such a rock background. But she is also similar to Carole King, or the Beatles - strong songs.

I have my soul background or classical, but also I am into Carole King and the Beatles - so you put us together and it was just unstoppable.

As I Am is released in the US on 13 November and in the UK on 19 November. Alicia Keys was talking to BBC News entertainment reporter Kasia Madera.

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