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Media respond to Mills outburst
Heather Mills appearing on GMTV
Heather Mills became upset during her interview on GMTV
The British media have reacted angrily to Heather Mills' claims that press coverage has pushed her "to the edge".

Mills, who is separated from Sir Paul McCartney, told breakfast TV station GMTV that she had received "worse press than a paedophile or a murderer".

But Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell said: "No-one who watched her yesterday can now be in any doubt about the extent of her self-delusion."

And The Sun ran the Beatles-inspired headline: "Help! She needs somebody."

The Daily Star, under the headline: "Halloween? Mucca's far more scary!", described Mills as "self-pitying" as "she unleashed a bitter rant".

The Daily Mirror described Mills' outburst as an "extraordinary and emotional interview".

Sir Paul McCartney
Mills' divorce from Sir Paul McCartney has hit the headlines

Guardian columnist Hugh Muir said the interview was "compulsive" because Mills "was furious from the outset".

But Telegraph journalist Bryony Gordon sympathised with the charity campaigner.

"She may be overwrought, she may or may not be trying to screw the former Beatle for a hefty sum, but that doesn't make her worthy of the incredibly misogynistic abuse we tend to dish out to her and other women in the public eye."

Sir Paul and his estranged wife, who have a four-year-old daughter named Beatrice, announced in May 2006 that they were ending their four-year marriage.

With the former Beatle's fortune estimated at 825m, it has the potential to be the most costly divorce in British legal history.

Heather Mills attacks the media

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