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Dogg snarls ahead of MTV Awards
By Emma Jones
BBC News, Munich

Snoop Dogg has hit out at the Home Office for not allowing him into the UK this year to stage an anti-gun crime concert with fellow rapper P Diddy.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg arrived 90 minutes late for the press conference
"I love my fans in the UK," the 36-year-old told a packed MTV press conference in Munich. "And they're suffering because of the really bad gang situation.

"I really wanted to be a voice to stop gang members, because they respect me enough to get in a room with me to talk."

Snoop Dogg, who is hosting MTV's 2007 Europe Music Awards on Thursday, was denied a UK visa in March.

It followed him being given a caution in 2006 after being arrested at London's Heathrow Airport on suspicion of violent disorder and affray.

The rapper went on to suggest he could help solve the UK's gang problems and that the British authorities were behind the times.

They appreciate me [here]... I've come over to have a good time
Snoop Dogg
"It's just a few people who don't want me in - those people wearing white wigs, Members of Parliament.

"They have judicial laws from around the 1800s, and it's the 21st century."

But the rapper - real name Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr - had kinder words for the people of Germany.

"They appreciate me, they love me," he said. "It's all about the person Snoop Dogg, and that's what they pay me for. I've come over to have a good time."

'Kind of confused'

Wearing a brown velour tracksuit, Snoop - who arrived 90 minutes late - posed in the gothic splendour of Munich's Town Hall and put his famous paws in cement.

Having previously posed in traditional Bavarian Lederhosen shorts, he admitted to being "kind of confused" about them. "They're really not the hood at all," he said.

Pete Doherty
Doherty will perform at the event with his band Babyshambles
Since the EMAs were first held in Berlin in 1994, the ceremony has travelled to cities across Europe.

This year marks the third time Germany has hosted the event - a reflection of its huge music market.

Nominees attending the event include Mika, My Chemical Romance, Avril Lavigne and the Foo Fighters.

Babyshambles and lead singer Pete Doherty are also expected to turn up.

Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl also held a press conference on Wednesday, where he revealed his band would be running a bar and interviewing celebrity guests during the event.

Asked if he had any advice for Doherty, notorious for his battles with drink and drugs, Grohl replied: "Keep away from me."

Grohl said it was flattering to be a good 20 years older than some of the other artists appearing at the event.

Digital downloading

The singer put his band's ongoing success down to "not paying attention to what's going on outside".

"We make records in our basement, and we've remained true to our initial idea," he said.

With a potential TV audience of one-and-a-half billion people, few artists pass up the chance to perform at the EMAs.

Wyclef Jean
Jean was less than impressed with his Munich accommodation
And with an eye on how fans are increasingly buying music, MTV have also hired ex-Fugee Wyclef Jean to host a live online show.

Jean, however, had less to say about digital downloading and more about his hotel room in Munich, claiming he "had to sit down to shower this morning".

All of this year's awards, except in two categories, are voted for by fans.

MTV estimate some 60 million people have cast votes by phone or online over the last two months.

The show will close with one of three virtually unknown bands - the last three contestants in a Europe-wide competition to find the 'New Sound of Europe'.

All three groups - the Bedwetters from Estonia, Romania's Firma and Yakup from Turkey - will perform in English, a sign of the continuing dominance of English language music

That was also reflected by Wednesday's announcement that the 2008 Europe Music Awards will take place in Liverpool.

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