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Queen row 'amused' photographer
Annie Leibovitz
Annie Leibovitz said the TV crew was a "distraction" at the time
Celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz has said she was "amused" by the row over a BBC documentary footage which misrepresented the Queen.

A clip of the Queen supposedly walking out of a photoshoot with Ms Leibovitz, used in a BBC One press launch, cost controller Peter Fincham his job.

The film had been misleadingly edited by production company RDF Media.

Ms Leibovitz said the company's action was "incorrect" but added: "I was quite honestly amused by the controversy."

She told the Press Association the programme-makers had "missed the whole point" when they recut the footage to make it look as though the monarch was storming out of the photoshoot.

In fact, the footage was of her walking into the session.

'A little feisty'

"They had an interesting piece to film without having to go to the extreme of making it up, so it looks as though she's walking out," she said.

A clip from the five-part programme
The footage was shown to journalists at a press screening
"Like anyone, she can be a little feisty, but I find that kind of wonderful. She's probably the most photographed person in the world, she's in her eighties, and to have to put on those heavy robes...

"I don't know too many people who like to be photographed. I'm kind of more used to people not liking to be photographed."

Ms Leibovitz added that she was "not excited" about a camera crew being present for the shoot.

"I was asked by the Queen's office to let them film, and I did it, but to me it's a distraction," she said.

In the trailer, Ms Leibovitz was seen telling the Queen she would look better without her tiara because "the Garter robe is so...".

Before she could say anything else, the Queen - pointing to what she was wearing - replied: "Less dressy. What do you think this is?"

'Important image'

The clip then cut to the Queen walking through Buckingham Palace, saying to her lady-in-waiting: "I'm not changing anything. I've had enough dressing like this, thank you very much."

The implication was that she had stormed out of the portrait session.

BBC One controller Peter Fincham
Peter Fincham left the BBC over his handling of the affair
But in fact, that clip was filmed before the exchange over the tiara.

An independent inquiry by BBC executive Will Wyatt revealed that the Queen simply chuckled and carried on with the shoot.

Mr Wyatt's investigation blamed "misjudgements, poor practice and ineffective systems" for the affair.

RDF's creative director, Stephen Lambert, also resigned over the issue.

Ms Leibovitz added: "The BBC has a very important image and name and you want to be able to trust them.

"And from that point of view, if they went to that extreme of someone losing a job then I guess that's what has to happen. But I don't really know anything about that."

The BBC declined to comment on her remarks.


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