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Last Updated: Monday, 22 October 2007, 17:03 GMT 18:03 UK
BBC criticised for Iggy race word
Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop performed a set with his band The Stooges
The BBC has been criticised after rock star Iggy Pop used a racist term during coverage of the Glastonbury Festival.

The veteran musician made the remark in a live BBC Two interview while talking about visiting shops in north London.

The BBC issued an on-air apology the following day but broadcasting watchdog Ofcom received two complaints from viewers about the incident.

Ofcom ruled that the BBC "failed in its responsibility to ensure the offence caused was justified by the context".

It said the BBC could have lessened the impact of the word by issuing an on-air apology "as soon as possible after the incident occurred".

The rock musician gave the interview in June after a set with his band The Stooges.

In the interview, the singer launched into a long anecdote about visiting "Paki shops" in Camden.

The BBC said the US singer was probably unaware that a term commonly used 30 years ago had now passed out of "polite usage".

A BBC spokesman added: "Iggy Pop is one of the wildest men in rock music and, as such, he has a built-in content advisory warning."

  • Ofcom also found that a July episode of ITV1 drama Wire In The Blood breached TV guidelines by showing scenes of a man about to be decapitated by a machete.
  • It upheld complaints from three viewers who felt the scene was broadcast too close to the 2100 BST watershed.

    BBC 'sorry' for Iggy racist word
    25 Jun 07 |  Entertainment

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