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Last Updated: Thursday, 27 September 2007, 15:24 GMT 16:24 UK
Shetty questioned over Gere kiss
Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere
Gere embraced Shetty at an Aids awareness event in Delhi
Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty has been questioned in India over her public kiss with Hollywood actor Richard Gere.

The 32-year-old was stopped at Mumbai Airport by officials who had no record of a court ruling that overturned a ban on her leaving the country.

Her spokesman Dale Bhagwagar said: "She called me in the middle of the night and was in tears." Officials let her continue after prolonged questioning.

Gere caused outrage in India when he embraced and kissed the star in April.

Obscenity charges

An arrest warrant had been issued for Gere soon after the incident, while Shetty also faced obscenity charges.

Legal action against the actors has been suspended by India's Supreme Court, which stops police and courts taking action until the court decides on the case's proper jurisdiction.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner had been on her way to the opening of the Miss Bollywood musical in Berlin.

"I can understand something like this if I'd committed a criminal offence," she said. "But what was my offence, when I'm just an actor going to perform a musical on foreign land?"

Gere, who is best known for appearing in the 1990 film Pretty Woman, initially dismissed the row as "nothing" but later apologised for causing any offence.

Shetty also defended the incident, saying "so much has been blown out of proportion".

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