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Prince wraps up London concerts
Prince's hits include Purple Rain and When Doves Cry
Pop star Prince brought his 21-night residency at London's O2 arena to a close on Friday.

Prince thanked London "for what we will always remember" during the evening, which also saw singer Amy Winehouse make a surprise appearance.

She performed during the aftershow party, as did British singer Beverley Knight.

Tickets for the final concert sold for hundreds of pounds online, despite a face value of 31.21.

Some aftershow tickets exchanged hands for up to 500.

Prince, whose career spans four decades, has won rave reviews for his O2 performances.

The Mirror said Prince "reasserted himself as one of the most exciting showmen on the planet".

Classical musician Julian Lloyd Webber, writing in the Daily Telegraph, called the Minneapolis musician a "great performer", who reminded him of a "latter-day Cliff Richard".

Beatles' cover

The star has performed a different set every night, incorporating hits such as Sign O' The Times, Kiss, Controversy and Raspberry Beret alongside fan favourites like Sometimes It Snows In April.

Last week, he was joined onstage by Sir Elton John for a cover of The Beatles' The Long and Winding Road.

He has also made regular appearances at aftershow parties at the O2's Indigo venue, jamming with his band and support acts until the small hours of the morning.

Fans have been banned from taking photographs or video footage on their mobile phones at the gigs but many still posted clips on video sharing website YouTube before Prince demanded they were removed.

Prince at Matthew Williamson's catwalk show
Prince was seated in the audience before taking to the stage

Earlier this week, the star surprised guests at one of London Fashion Week's catwalk shows when he leapt on stage to give a surprise performance.

The crowd at Matthew Williamson's show were astonished when the first two models on the catwalk started to dance.

Prince then began singing into a microphone from his seat before jumping up and performing on the runway.

"He really wanted to do this, and you don't say no to Prince," Williamson told Reuters after the show.

You sent your views on Prince's concerts.

I went to see Prince in August, and I'm still glowing from it. I have been a fan for a long time, but not been able to see him live before. He did not disappoint! Over 2 hours on stage, playing all of my favourite tracks. My boyfriend is not a fan of live music, but he loved the gig and was up dancing before I was! Prince has proven that he is still at the top of his game!
Hannah Smith, Norwich, Norfolk

I saw Prince four times at the O2, including the final show last night. The shows were incredible from start to end. I have never seen any concert that comes close to how good they were. And seeing Maceo Parker and the band unexpectedly drop into a James Brown number last night, just lifted the roof. The O2 is the best thing to happen to London in a very long time and Prince's performances there will be remembered for years to come.
David Mathews, Woodford Green, Essex

The O2 is truly, without a doubt, Prince's House!
Tom, London, UK
I first saw Prince in 1986, and I've kept going back for more ever since. He really takes care of his friends (he doesn't like the term "fan") and 31.21 for a ticket with a copy of the album! He has long since been setting the standard on many levels. R u listening showbiz world?
Karim, London

I went to the last night of the shows and I just can't find the words to express how mind-numbingly brilliant it was. At 17, I'm in no position to comment on his previous performances, but as a festival and gig fanatic I've seen my fair share of shows and last night's performance was the greatest I've ever seen. For atmosphere (one man turning 20,000 people into a throbbing mass of glowing purple sex-driven maniacs), musical prowess and sheer brilliance it'll go down in history as one of the greats. The O2 is TRULY, without a doubt, Prince's House!
Tom, London, UK

Just got back from the final show and after show - what a performer.

2.5 hours show followed by a 3 hour aftershow and Amy Winehouse topped it all off
MB, Derby

"Classical musician Julian Lloyd Webber, writing in the Daily Telegraph, called the Minneapolis musician a "great performer", who reminded him of a "latter-day Cliff Richard". Surely that should be Little Richard, not Cliff Richard, Prince and Cliff have very little in common!!!
Ben Jones, London

I was lucky enough to see him on the 13th, when Elton John joined him for a cover of the Beatles' Long and Winding Road. His two-and-a-half hour set was faultless. Even if you not a big Prince fan - next time he tours make sure you see one of, if not the greatest performer of our generation. You will not be disappointed.
Rob Howard, Brighton, England

here is no way to understand how good it is unless you are there
phineas, London, UK
Went on the 16th. Seated floor seats. Probably my worst Prince experience from 10 gigs over the past 15 years. Not quite in the round as promised. Played more to the front of the audience. As good as the horns are, didn't go to see the horn section sing to me. Still okay, but feel a bit ripped off.
Pete Edwards, Manchester

Prince loves music with a passion that never fails to inspire me. I have been listening to Prince since I was a kid in the 80s and seen him play a few times. At the two aftershows I went to on 14/9 and 16/10 I had an experience that not even two decades of loving his music could prepare me for. His rhythm section are without a doubt the funkiest I have ever witnessed (and I have seen Earth, Wind and Fire). In fact it goes beyond funky, all the way past sublime and into the ether. There is no way to understand how good it is unless you are there. No DVD or recording from the sound desk will convey the power of this entourage. This band will rearrange your molecules, you will be beamed up, transported and reassembled as new funkier human being.
phineas, London UK

Saw the last night at the O2. The atmosphere was electric and it was a great stage show. Almost faultless. The songs selected were very good but many of the tracks were a bit short. Still superb value for money. The real treat was the aftershow at the indigo. I'm a fan of most types of music, but at heart I'm a Rock/Metal fan and have been going to gigs since the mid eighties & this was possibly the finest performance I have ever seen. Prince & the NPG played the tightest, funkiest Rock for almost 3 hours. The setlist was a superb mix of originals and covers. A religious experience & a privilege to be there. We're not worthy!
Stefan, Portslade, Sussex

An overhyped mess. The place was full of people who really, really thought he was still the Prince that shone in the early eighties. Is a shame, because if he had put some effort into actually playing a couple of his songs all the way through it would have been a half decent night.
Craig Nelson, Guildford

Saw the main concert once and also went to the Aftershow another night. Fantastic both times - better than the two previous tours I have seen. What a treat to also see Maceo Parker - and the fabulous singers and dancers that were also on with him. Think one of the singers was called Shelby - she was amazing. Great value for money - would go again tomorrow if I could!!
Leigh, Bourne End, Bucks

I feel his other concerts have been better
Anon, Manchester
I have never bought a single Prince album in my life, never really been into his music to be honest. My wife and I thought we'd go as we had heard about it being so good and the tickets were so reasonably priced. I have to say, I feel like I have missed out on 20 years of being a Prince fan. He was absolutely awesome. I was speechless when I left the O2. We felt like we had just seen a living legend on stage. He did an impromptu set on the piano after the lights had gone up and half the audience had left. It was a truly memorable evening. (PS: It just goes to show how well not ripping people off with overpriced tickets works.)
Mike Jarrey, Putney, London.

I have seen Prince 5 times over the years and he is superb every time. I went to the O2 gig on the 24 August and although he was just as entertaining as usual, the whole concert was a medley and I feel his others have been better just for the full performances of songs. I also felt a bit cheated as Prince kept saying things like "its gonna be a late one tonight London" and "I hope you not got to go anywhere tonight" then he was off by 10.40. He must have been talking about the after show party which would of been impossible for me as I had to get back to Manchester. It was still worth the 15 hour round trip and I can't wait to see him again.
Anon, Manchester

I've seen just two of his shows at the O2 and they were fantastic. I haven't seen him live since 1995 and didn't know what to expect but he blew me, and my Prince-virgin friend, away. He still dances like it's 1999, his guitar playing is faultless and each time you see him you get different songs. Awesome.
Paul Brake, Bath, UK

I went to see him last night, I have seen him about 10 times before and he was still amazing if not better.
Fiona Felix, London, England

Prince was brilliant! He just reminds you that you don't need all the props to make a good show... A real musician can hold his own with his voice and his instruments. Prince did all that and more! His voice sounds as clear as on his records and the man is a genius on the guitar! All musicians should look to Prince for inspiration in what a real artist should be. Prince rocks... Literally!!!!!
Kajal, Birmingham, UK

The current incarnation of the NPG are possibly the tightest band I have ever seen.
Ali, London
I went last night. It was amazing - so amazing I could hardly believe I was there and he was playing just a few feet away. I have been a major fan since the 80s. Last night I went with my husband and three grown-up children - they were blown away too. After the show, which went by way too quickly, (though he played for a little over 2 hours), we couldn't decide what was the best... The funky groove of CHELSEA ROGERS, the always-beautiful PURPLE RAIN, the inspiring piano medley, 1999, GUITAR, LET"S GO CRAZY (we did, we did). Prince, you reign. How I wish we could do it all again tonight....
Vivian Wells, Salisbury, UK

Have been to five shows so far and going to my sixth tonight. They have all been absolutely brilliant - he is the consummate performer and the current incarnation of the NPG are possibly the tightest band I have ever seen. The O2 as a venue is decent - seems to me it will be a while before they manage to get the acoustics just right. The staff are absolutely excellent, very helpful and friendly. My only complaint would be regarding the people in the crowd who have apparently gotten tickets as a result of who they are or who they know and have done absolutely nothing towards creating an atmosphere. They tend to stand around looking like they love themselves
Ali, London

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