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Transcript: Amy Winehouse's father
Amy Winehouse's father Mitch has spoken to BBC Radio Five Live, responding to an interview with the singer's parents-in-law.

Blake Fielder-Civil's family said they feared Winehouse and her husband may die and urged the record company to take action. Here are a selection of Mr Winehouse's comments.


"It is a horrible situation and our family and Blake's family are living through hell. The only thing I would say is that we have had medical advice.

We have two families pulling in different directions

"The facts are that the day after [Amy and Blake] came out of the facility they were at, we had a meeting with the directors of the facility and the two GPs who were looking after them, specialists in dependency issues and eating disorders.

"Unfortunately Giles and Georgette [Fielder-Civil] were due to come to that meeting. They came down to London. But instead of coming to that meeting to sit with the doctors and with me and representatives of the record company, they chose to go out for a drink to a pub with Amy and Blake.

"This is the problem we find ourselves up against. We have two families pulling in different directions. Basically we just want the same things - we want our children to be safe. But we've got different definitions of how we can do that."


"Had they been in that meeting, they would have heard me telling the record company that all of Amy's functions, certainly for the next three months, were cancelled on the spot.

The record company isn't as callous as some people might think
"It's not a question of the record company or her family trying to work her to the bone. These are some of the accusations that have been levelled at us.

"They would have seen caring, loving people from the record industry, people that have been in the business for 25 to 30 years who are used to seeing matters like this, crying their eyes out because of their love for Amy - genuine love and affection for Amy.

"The record company isn't as callous as some people might think it is."


"One of the things has been mentioned in article is that I said Amy was a drug user from the age of 13. Absolute and complete nonsense. She was not.

We're not talking about people who are in imminent danger of death
"In fact, she was proud of the fact that she didn't take any class A drugs at all throughout her career. We know she smoked weed - it's in all her albums. It's only been in the last three or four months that the journey has taken a different route.

"I spoke to her yesterday and she sounded fine. We're not talking about people who are in imminent danger of death. Physically she's not fantastic. She lost a lot of weight but I think the eating disorder has been worked on and she's put on a stone. In maybe eight days, that's pretty good.

"But during this period, they were also indulging in other things, which I won't comment on."


Victoria Derbyshire [Five Live host]: "When you saw those photographs in the papers where they had scratches on them and blood and bandages on her arms and apparently blood seeping from between her toes through her ballet shoes, what did you think was going on?"

Mitch Winehouse: "I thought here are two people that are completely out of control. And yet an hour later, they're walking back to the hotel arm-in-arm. So clearly there are extremely serious problems.

"As a parent, it was sickening. Worse than sickening, I wanted to die. But I can't die. I have to be strong for everybody."


"There's only one person to blame and that's Amy. That's what Blake's parents have got to understand. It's no good blaming anybody else. This is Blake's fault and Amy's fault.

"The doctors have said: 'You've tried all the screaming and shouting and crying and begging and it doesn't work. We've got to try gentle persuasion. Let them feel they are making the decisions.' Guess what, that's not working either."


Victoria Derbyshire: "Blake's parents urged fans not to buy her music and urged the industry not to give her any awards to send a message to her. What do you think of that suggestion?"

Mitch Winehouse: "Will it do any good? No. It won't send any message to Amy at all. People are clutching at straws. I'm clutching at straws.

They're the ones to make the decision - not me, not anyone else
"There's only one way out of this, and anybody with any drug experience will tell you the only way out is not sectioning them, not locking them up.

"At some point they are going to reach rock bottom, maybe they've reached it, I don't know. At that point they will say: 'I don't want to do this any more. I've got responsibilities, I've got families that love us and I don't want to hurt them any more.' That's their decision to make.

"This is being played out in the media but this is going on probably 100,000 homes throughout the UK. Families are waiting for the bad news - or the good news, that they've kicked the habit or whatever.

"But they're the ones to make the decision - not me, not anyone else."

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