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Pavarotti has more cancer tests
Luciano Pavarotti in 2005
Luciano Pavarotti has been forced to scrap his farewell tour
Opera singer Luciano Pavarotti is to stay in hospital for tests related to his pancreatic cancer.

The tenor has been in hospital in Modena, Italy, since being admitted with a fever almost two weeks ago.

Despite reports suggesting he had been given the all-clear to leave last week, doctors have now said he will be kept in for at least a few more days.

Pavarotti, 71, has not been seen in public since having surgery to remove a tumour from his pancreas last July.

A statement from the hospital said several "basic pathological tests" would be carried out.

These "may continue for several more days", it said, but did not give further details. The singer is being treated on the cancer ward.

Pavarotti's wife Nicoletta Mantovani visiting him in hospital on 14 August
Pavarotti's wife Nicoletta Mantovani has been visiting him in hospital
When he was admitted on 8 August, his spokesman said he could "be released in the next few days".

The Modena University Policlinico hospital echoed that, describing his condition as "satisfactory".

On 14 August, his manager Terri Robson said the singer would be leaving hospital "imminently" - but his wife Nicoletta Mantovani later said he preferred to stay because he felt more comfortable there.

Pavarotti, widely regarded as one of the world's greatest opera singers, has been dogged by ill health in recent years.

New album

Before the cancer was found, he cancelled performances as a result of neck and back operations, the latter of which was complicated by an infection, and laryngitis.

After the surgery on his pancreas last year, his manager said the tumour was "completely removed".

But despite hopes that he would be able to resume his farewell tour this year, his health has not allowed him to return to the stage.

Before this latest stay in hospital, however, his manager said he was "feeling stronger" and recording an album of classical religious music as well as teaching students.

  • Pancreatic cancer can be one of the most lethal cancers if not caught early, according to medical experts.

    Smokers, heavy eaters, heavy drinkers and people with diabetes are among those with an increased risk of the condition.

    The pancreas is a gland in the abdomen that produces hormones and digestive juices.

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