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Houseboat director dies, aged 90
Mel Shavelson
Mel Shavelson directed Sophia Loren and Cary Grant in Houseboat
US screenwriter and director Mel Shavelson has died at the age of 90.

Melville "Mel" Shavelson, who wrote, directed and produced dozens of films, died of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles.

His 1956 film, The Seven Little Foys, and his 1958 romantic comedy Houseboat were both nominated for Oscars.

His autobiography, How to Succeed in Hollywood Without Really Trying, PS - You Can't! was published on his 90th birthday earlier this year.

Writers Guild

Shavelson worked as a gag writer for Bob Hope's radio show in the 1930s before going on to write or co-write more than 35 films.

He also directed several films including Cast a Giant Shadow, starring Kirk Douglas and Yours, Mine and Ours, starriing Lucille Ball.

His film career saw him work with many famous faces, including Jimmy Cagney and Frank Sinatra, but Houseboat, starring Cary Grant and Sophia Loren, arguably remains his best-known film.

The author of two novels and four non-fiction books, Shavelson also served three terms as president of the Writers Guild of America, West.


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