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'Halfway' housemates are evicted
Shanessa Reilly and David Parnaby at eviction
Shanessa and David were the favourites to be evicted
"Halfway" housemates Shanessa and David have been evicted from Channel 4's reality TV show Big Brother.

The pair, who spent just a week on the programme, were favourites to be shown the door in the double eviction.

They were chosen to live in the other house and face eviction by fellow housemates, along with Kara-Louise and Tracey who return to the main house.

Shanessa and David joined the show in the "halfway house" at the same time as Kara-Louise, Jonty and Amy.

Fully fledged

Shanessa, 27, said she expects more of the new arrivals to follow her out of the house next week.

All five of them have also spent time in the main living space.

Established housemates Ziggy and Liam had a short stint in the "halfway" house but were moved back to the main area by Big Brother.

Amy and Jonty have since been made fully fledged housemates and are now eligible to win the 100,000 prize money.

Shanessa and David are the seventh and eighth evictees of the series.

Three people have walked out from the show and Emily Parr was ejected for unacceptable behaviour.

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