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Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 July 2007, 16:05 GMT 17:05 UK
GMTV's phone-in boss steps down
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GMTV has put in place measures to restore viewer confidence
The director of GMTV's phone-in competitions has resigned in the wake of the admission that its quizzes were not being conducted fairly.

Kate Fleming, who has worked at ITV1's breakfast broadcaster for 14 years, will leave on 10 August.

Her resignation came after measures were implemented last week to compensate some viewers who entered contests but had no chance of winning.

GMTV managing director Paul Corley announced he was quitting last week.

Mr Corley said: "Kate has done the honourable thing and taken responsibility, even though many of the problems we are dealing with were as a result of things that happened outside GMTV."

On-air apology

The resignations, along with a series of other initiatives, would help to "restore trust" in GMTV, he said.

In April, Mr Corley appeared on air to apologise for the errors which led to some quiz entrants having no chance of succeeding.

Paul Corley
Paul Corley resigned earlier this month

GMTV viewers will be able to apply directly to the station for a refund.

The firm will hold 250 free prize draws for affected entrants, each with a 10,000 prize up for grabs. It will also donate 250,000 to Childline.

GMTV also said it would regularly inspect the firms which provided phone-in competitions in future, and its competitions would no longer start and end within the same daily programme.

Icstis and Ofcom, the the premium rate services and broadcasting regulators, are continuing to carry out their own separate enquiries, which also affects broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV.


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