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New Big Brother housemates picked
David Parnaby and Kara-Louise Horne
David works in Ayr while Kara-Louise is a student from Harrow
Contestants on reality series Big Brother have chosen two new housemates from the five people who entered a so-called "halfway house" on Friday.

Student Kara-Louise Horne, 22, and store manager David Parnaby, 25, are now eligible for the 100,000 prize.

But participants also had to pick one person who would swap the main living area for the "halfway house".

And Ziggy Lichman - who saw on-off girlfriend Chanelle Hayes quit the show on Monday - then put himself forward.

"I wouldn't mind a bit of time, I'll do it," said the 26-year-old former pop singer and model. "Seriously, it can't get madder than this."

Later he told Big Brother in the diary room that he had had a bad day because of the departure of Chanelle, whom he described as "someone who I will miss a lot".

Ziggy Lichman
Ziggy and Chanelle exchanged insults during a row before she quit
Before she left the programme, Chanelle, 19, had explained how she felt she could no longer live in the same house as Ziggy.

"He probably deserves to be here more than I do," said the student, who wants to be a professional Victoria Beckham lookalike.

Ziggy now faces a battle against the three other contestants in the "halfway house", all of whom must compete against each other to try to stay on the programme.

He joins Jonty Stern, a 36-year-old who works in a museum; glamour model Amy Alexandra, 21; and Shanessa Reilly, a part-time care assistant who is 27.

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