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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 July 2007, 10:14 GMT 11:14 UK
Watchdog raps Cruz mascara advert
Penelope Cruz in the L'Oreal advert
Cruz signed on to become a L'Oreal spokesmodel last year
A L'Oreal commercial featuring Penelope Cruz broke industry rules because the actress was wearing false eyelashes, the advertising watchdog has decreed.

The advert for the firm's 'Telescopic' mascara claimed the product could make eyelashes "up to 60 per cent longer".

According to the Advertising Standards Authority, however, the advert misled because it did not make clear Cruz was wearing some individual false lashes.

L'Oreal said it was "common industry practice" to use artificial lashes.

But it said it would "fully comply" with the ASA's new requirements in its future advertising campaigns.

No disclaimer

The authority ruled that "in the absence of a disclaimer stating that Penelope Cruz was wearing some individual false lashes added to her natural lashes... the ads could mislead".

It also ruled the adverts "did not make clear that the claim referred to an increase in the 'appearance' of lash length".

In the commercial for L'Oreal Paris Telescopic mascara, Cruz stood on a terrace next to a telescope and said: "Imagine, lashes that could reach for the stars."

Spanish-born Cruz, 32, signed an exclusive contract to become L'Oreal's spokesperson last year.

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