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US critics pan Beckham TV show
David and Victoria Beckham arriving in LA
Victoria Beckham 's show was not well-received by critics
Victoria Beckham's debut on US television as the subject of a spoof fly-on-the-wall documentary has not been well received by critics.

The New York Post said the NBC show was "an orgy of self-indulgence".

As Beckham is shown setting up her new home in Los Angeles, she utters: "It's exhausting being fabulous."

Her husband David has had his first training session with his new team, LA Galaxy, but injury may force him out of a friendly against Chelsea on Saturday.

In the programme, Victoria Beckham Coming to America, she is shown dishing out orders to a new personal assistant, who she insists should not be too good-looking.

"It's got to be all about me," she says.

She is also shown tottering in high heels as she is taught how to pitch the first ball at a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game.

David Beckham
Beckham's husband David is a LA Galaxy player
However, newspaper critics were not impressed with the programme, which "smacks of too much fame, too much money and too much time spent believing the hype for all concerned", according to the New York Post.

The New York Times described the Spice Girls singer as apparently "pleasant and not without a sense of humour".

But it said that this was not enough "to carry viewers through an hour of house-hunting, sunbathing and applying for a driver's licence".

Patt Morrison of the Los Angeles Times said that people in the United States had been "underwhelmed" by Beckham.

"If you're looking for a bad driver, we have Lindsay Lohan, who does it better," she told BBC One's Breakfast.

"If you're looking for rich, we've got Paris Hilton, and if you're looking for thin blondes, if you fire a cannon in Beverly Hills, you hit 100 of them.

"It's a very competitive market, even for a Beckham."

The programme is due to be broadcast on ITV1 at 2100 BST on Tuesday.

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