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'Evictee' Charley back in house
Charley has argued with almost every person in the house

Argumentative housemate Charley Uchea has been voted out of the Channel 4 Big Brother house in a fake eviction - and then allowed to rejoin her housemates.

Before going back in, Charley was interviewed by host Davina McCall and shown footage of who had nominated her.

And in a further twist, her housemates also watched the interview and heard what the 21-year-old said about them.

Unemployed Charley, who was voted out ahead of Nicky Maxwell, has been at the centre of several rows in the house.


Her outspoken opinions, high self-regard and volatile behaviour have made her unpopular with many viewers and, on her exit from the house, the invited audience was briefed to greet her with complete silence rather than booing her.

When McCall revealed following the interview that the eviction had been a complete fake, Charley appeared shocked.

Asked if she was willing to re-enter the house, she at first appeared reluctant because of what she had said about her housemates but then started smiling and uttered the words: "Hell, yeah."

Channel 4 has been accused by some critics of engineering the fake eviction plan to ensure Charley stays in the show - a claim which show bosses have denied.

Charley has argued with almost every housemate, including Chanelle Hayes, who was earlier asked in the diary room how she would feel if Charley was evicted.

"Ecstatic," she said. "But if she's in another house and she ends up coming back I will be not pleased.

"That would be awful. She wears me out. Every single little thing irritates me."

Charley was equally critical of Chanelle in her interview on the "outside" but praised housemates Carole Vincent and Brian Belo, who greeted her warmly on her return to the house.

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