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Long Way Down duo answer back
Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor motorcycled round the world
Boorman and McGregor motorcycled round the world in 2004
Actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman have answered questions sent in by readers about their latest long-distance motorcycle trip, which sees them cross at least 20 countries.

The duo, who set off from John O'Groats in May, have now reached the border of Kenya having travelled through Ethiopia.

The journey, dubbed Long Way Down, is being filmed by the BBC, and the pair are keeping a regular diary on the Long Way Down website.

You seem to be heading into some dangerous areas on this trip. Are you doing anything differently precaution-wise?
Kristie Weerts, St Louis, USA

(Charley and Ewan) We take more security with us when we are advised to by local fixers or the local tourist board. But whenever we can, we try to travel on our own.

Isn't it incredible how desert sand can reach parts you never thought possible? How are you dealing with sand rash, sweat rash and scorpions in the boots?
Noelle, Kuwait

(Charley) We're not getting any at the moment and that's down to wearing the right gear. Babywipes are of course excellent for cleaning all parts of the body, I won't go into too much detail here!

What's the best thing you've eaten on your journey so far?
Simon Clough, Dubai, UAE

(Charley and Ewan) The best food we've eaten was in Sudan. It was amazing. They really do have damn good food in Sudan.

What music do you like to listen to on your travels?
Ryan Pominville, Hudson, Wisconsin, USA

(Charley) I listen to a lot of things. The Stereophonics are very good and I also like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. But generally I put my iPod on random and listen to anything that comes on. It could be Beatles to Beethoven. I listen to anything!

How difficult is it to return to the calm of home life after such an epic journey?
Clare, London

(Charley) I don't know, I haven't returned home yet! I think it's very important to go away with your family and not immediately settle into home life again.

Being away on your own you learn to live independently and when you return to your family you need to get to know each other again. I find a holiday with the family is great for this.

Who can pull the biggest wheelie?
Nick Barwick, Bristol

(Ewan) There's no question here, it's got be Charley by a mile!
(Charley) Yeah, I'll have to agree with that one.

What items are in your right trouser pockets at this very moment?
Al Cordola, Hitchin

(Charley) My passport, wallet, phone, camera and some money. Hope no one is going to mug me now!

Are you having the same type of emotional swings that you did on your previous trip?
Cheryl, Los Angeles

(Charley and Ewan) Yes, absolutely. You can go from highs to lows very quickly.

In Long Way Round, a number of locals helped you and even took you in on occasion. Has the same happened on the Long Way Down?
Craig Neve, Newcastle

(Ewan) Yeah, lots of times, people are incredibly generous and giving. Hopefully you will see their generosity come through in the show.

(Charley) Yeah, we've met lots of fantastic people, and people have taken us into their houses and fed us. Maybe it's because they take pity on us because we're on bikes and we're all covered in sand and mud! The people we have met have been incredible. The less people have, the more they have to give.

Would you like to just do a trip without the presence of cameras and go simply as friends?
Mark Crane, Watford

(Ewan and Charley) We love the trips we do with cameras and love them without. They each have their special moments and have different feelings attached to them.

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