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Talking Shop: Simon Ambrose
Simon Ambrose
Simon Ambrose beat 15 other contestants to win the reality show
Sir Alan Sugar's latest Apprentice is 27-year-old internet entrepreneur Simon Ambrose.

Cambridge-educated Ambrose was chosen over Kristina Grimes for the 100,000-a-year job.

Following his victory, he answered questions from BBC News website readers about the show and his new role developing a hotel and golfing complex near Stansted Airport.

Q: When was the final filmed and when did you find out you were the winner?
Nathan Bilton, Newcastle

A: The final was filmed a few weeks before the show was aired but the You're Hired excerpt [BBC Two reaction show] was literally filmed the day before and we actually found out who won that day. So I knew only a score of hours before the rest of the world.

Simon Ambrose
Ambrose will train as a chartered surveyor while working for Sir Alan
Q: What motivated you to sign up for the show?
Emma Moggan, Bromsgrove

A: Being self-employed was great and I really enjoyed the freedom, but I needed a kick-start to get involved in big business and this is the way to do it.

I wanted to have a real crack at something that's going to stand me in good stead to become mega-rich before I decide to settle down and spawn out loads of mini-Simons.

Q: You promised to take your team to Barcelona if you won. Have you arranged it yet?
Mike Pilkington, Wigan, Lancashire

A: If they still want to go I'm prepared to pay for it! I don't think they necessarily all want to go away together, that's the problem - Tre said he'd rather be stabbed in the eye with a rusty screwdriver. I might have to take them all away individually, which is going to send me bankrupt!

Q: Is it true that you and Kristina have been working for Sir Alan for several months?
Carol Ann Hoswon, York

A: We've been in to meet his people and see where we could work, but that's all I can say really.

Sir Alan Sugar
Sir Alan said he was an "old fool" to employ Simon
Q: Did you feel undermined when Sir Alan said taking you on would mean becoming a headmaster again?
Sabrina, Devon

A: No, because I think he knows with someone like Kristina he'd have someone who's steadily competent, super-capable and self-sufficient. In me, he's got someone a bit more quirky, a bit more entrepreneurial, and more willing to stick his neck out and try different things.

By taking on someone like that he's got to manage that. He's got to rein it in or set it free at times. So by definition he's going to have to spend more time with me, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Q: What is your relationship with Sir Alan like?
Angus, London

A: It's great. I get on with him really well. We talk on the phone and I e-mail him and he e-mails me back. We're very close.

Q: Have you started working for him yet?

A: I was in yesterday, funnily enough. I would have gone in today if I hadn't been doing this media crap, as he calls it.

Tre Azam
Simon struck up a close partnership with fellow contestant Tre Azam
Q: How will you survive in the corporate world without your guru Tre?
Kashif Khan, London

A: Don't worry, I'll be on the phone to him every other day. He'll be helping me out.

Q: You were portrayed as a positive people pleaser. Were you happy with the editing?
Selena Zafar, Manchester

A: The editors by definition have to cut out 159 minutes out of 160 so inevitably people are going to be subject to that knife. It's unfair, and they do cheat a little bit. But they don't misrepresent people or say things happened that didn't happen.

Q: It emerged on the programme that your past record of managing property is poor. Will you promise to look after your tenants?
Angela Parker, Worthing, Sussex

A: I will. I might even buy them a TV aerial but it depends on whether they pay their rent on time this month.

Q: How could you take the credit for work that wasn't yours? Sir Alan said on the last show he was impressed with your innovative designs - but your boat design wasn't used!
Joy Velykorodnyy, Sheffield

A: The boat was one idea we came up with, myself and Tre. The others weren't keen, so I asked them: "What else have you got?" Rory had this wonderful design he'd spotted at Kew Gardens and we made something of it.

To say I had nothing to do with it was a bit disingenuous because I actually had to shut Tre down and take up another idea, which in itself is quite a tough thing to do.

Q: Will you be buying a trampoline?
Nick, Ripon, North Yorkshire

A: I don't think so! If no-one had the confidence to buy a trampoline from me, I don't think I should buy one either.

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