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Paris Hilton leaves medical ward
Paris Hilton
Hilton is likely to be released on 26 June
Paris Hilton has been transferred from a Los Angeles medical ward, where she was serving her sentence for violating probation on a driving ban.

The heiress, 26, has now returned to the all-women detention centre where she started her jail term ten days ago.

She was briefly released on medical grounds last week, and was expected to complete her sentence at home.

But she was taken screaming from court on Friday after a judge ordered her back to jail.

He added that she would have to serve her full 45-day sentence.

The move angered Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, who said Hilton was being turned into a "criminal justice football".

Mr Baca defended his earlier decision to release Hilton on medical grounds, saying "this lady has some severe problems".

Kathy Hilton
The socialite's mother, Kathy Hilton, visited her daughter on Tuesday
Specific details of her medical problem have been withheld for "privacy reasons", but Mr Baca suggested her condition was psychological.

"I'm just going to keep her in a better facility for her condition, meaning one that has a more intense form of medical support, and will watch her behaviour so there isn't anything that is harmfully done to herself by herself," Mr Baca said.

Hilton has been placed in the medical unit at the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood and is expected to be returned to the jail's special needs unit, sheriff's department spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

The socialite and pop singer Hilton is believed to have undergone medical and psychiatric tests after returning to complete her sentence.

She was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol last September and was given probation, which she violated several times by driving with a suspended licence.

Hilton is likely to be released on 26 June, taking into account time off for good behaviour.

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